TWD Creator Brings Comic To Life With Animated Series

Step aside TWD, there’s a new Robert Kirkman comic adaption in the works! Amazon Studios has recently picked up Kirkman’s superhero comic Invincible for an eight-episode long animated series.  Invincible, which began in 2003 and recently wrapped up after 144 issues, is definitely not in The Walking Dead‘s league when it comes to popularity or popular culture influence. The series, which numbers among the Hollywood Reporter’100 greatest superhero comics, has a devoted following and is also being developed as a Universal Pictures film. But for those of you not in the know, read on to get some idea of what to expect from the upcoming show.

Invincible is a slice of life-slash-comedy-slash drama that follows the life of the hero Invincible, aka teenage Mark Grayson, son of the most powerful hero on Earth Omni-Man (think Superman with a bad mustache). Gifted with super-strength, durability, speed and flight, Mark must find a way to balance being a normal high school student with being (quite literally) Invincible. The comic’s first arc and what will probably be the first season’s finale culminates with the devastating revelation of Omni-Man’s true reason for being Earth’s mightiest hero, a dark secret that will forever change Mark’s world.
Unlike your typical DC or Marvel fare Invincible often deals with mature subject matter and dark themes; as a result, the animated series will be firmly “adult.” It’s also never afraid to satire anything comic related, especially when it comes to the aforementioned ‘Big Two’ comic companies.

Just as he was with TWD, Kirkman will continue to be involved with the Amazon adaption as a producer, along with David Alpert (The Walking Dead) and Catherine Winder (Star Wars: The Clone Wars).

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