How To Become Teacher's Pet: Must-See Tips & Advice

Teachers love their students, but there is always one who is better than the rest. That is the one and only, teacher’s pet. It’s the person the teacher gives the most attention to and praises the most. For other’s, who is not the teacher’s pet, they can get annoyed quickly. But, as for the teacher’s pet, they love every second of there time in this role. As teacher’s pet, you can get away with anything. If you accidentally forget to turn in an assignment, you can quickly go to your teacher, put on your puppy dog face, and get an extension with no penalties. But, we get it, it’s hard to become teacher’s pet. We are here to make it easy for you. Here are our tips that are 100% effective in becoming teacher’s pet.
(Warning: These can only work if you are still in high school or attend a small college. For those in larger D1 schools try these tips out and see if they work. If they do work, let us know.)

Write A Bio Email

After the first day of school, write an email to each professor and tell them about yourself. Don’t give them your life story, no professor want’s to know the hospital you were born at or how much you weighed when you came out of your mommy. It can be a long email but make it simple. The first section of your email should tell them your name, major, where you are from, and what year you are. It doesn’t have to be in that order, but you get the point. Continue your email with these words, “here is a little about myself.” Section two should state your plans for the future. What do you want to do after college? This tells them that you have a drive and desire to succeed. For those who don’t have a plan, make one up, but make it realistic. Don’t tell the English professor you want to be a time traveler. Section three is where you need talk about how the class will benefit you in the future and how much you look forward to learning their material. It’s almost like kissing their ass. Your last section is where you need to wrap it up but by pulling at the heartstrings. Do something sappy, like you hope to be inspired by this class or by the professor. Don’t make it too silly or they will see what you are trying to do. This will take a lot of work, especially if you are doing this for every professor you have, but it will pay off in the end.

Work Hard The First Week Or Two

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Some students don’t like this part of becoming teacher’s pet, but by working hard during the first week or two, it will show the professor you are here to work. By Week Three you can then space out and pretend you are paying attention. By taking notes and asking or answering questions the first couple of weeks, it will distract the professor by seeing that you are hard working. But, later on when you are working on another assignment in class, they will think you are taking notes, but you are attempting to get that ten-page assignment done before midnight. Try to look up a few times, so it looks like you are taking notes of the class. Just a little effort the first couple weeks and you are golden.

Be Annoying

Physics and math teacher Joerg Zimmermann and his students stand in a ‘Cyber-Classroom’ at the Thomas Strittmatter secondary school in St. Georgen im Schwarzwald, Germany, 12 May 2017. The ‘Cyber-Classroom’ allows the experience of class subjects via virtual worlds. The German minister of education sees the cyber classroom as a model for the future. The ‘Gymnasium’ in the Black Forest tests the application. Photo: Patrick Seeger/dpa
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Being annoying is more specific in the digital field. Sure, go ahead and ask questions in class but that will get your peers to get annoyed by you. Email, by emailing your questions and letting them know how you feel about your assignments will tell them that you care about the work. But, not only does it show them you care about the work you also get information for yourself in the project or assignment you are working on. So, it’s a win-win for both of you. Do keep in mind, don’t be too annoying or your professor will point out how often you are emailing them and say that you need to figure it out for yourself.

Try To Make Conversation

Either at the beginning of class or after class, go up to your professor and ask them a question about the course. After maybe try starting a conversation. If they take the bait, keep the conversation going. You want to become their friend. Not their BFF but a friend. Like a step above acquaintance. This will help you in communicating with your professor but also give them the idea that you are a fun and interactive student.

Be Polite

Manners are what sugar coats your final victory to becoming teacher’s pet. Your simple, please and thank you, you’re welcome, holding the door open, telling them to have a beautiful day, simple polite responses. Being respectful to a professor will make them smile on any day. Say they are having a bad day, by you being polite to them and making them will let them see that you are someone who deserves to have a gracious professor. A professor who gives you extensions when you need it or won’t get upset if you forget to come to class.
Overall, you do need to try in your classes. This isn’t an article to get you to slack off. They will help you to become teacher’s pet, but it won’t help you pass a course. Hard work will get you to where you want to go. Try these tips out and watch your status grow from regular student to teacher’s pet.

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