Living With A Psycho Roommate: 5 Tips To Put Up With Them

We all have that one roommate that we can’t stand. It doesn’t matter if you are in college or living in an apartment, we have all experienced that annoying roommate. And, let’s face it, some of us are an annoying roommate. It’s not bad if you are one, you could get lucky and have someone who is just as irritating. But, the real issue comes when the annoying habits can stop? Here are our tips on how to put up with an awful roommate.

Have An Adult Conversation

Sit down like two adults and discuss what is annoying about each other. Talk about the issues you have noticed and see if you can come up with a solution. Negotiate and compromise with each other. It’s best to have this discussion early on so you can have a more comfortable living situation. Waiting can lead to a bomb, and the little annoying habits will tick you off and eventually you will explode. Sit down, talk, listen and agree on what can be a good fix.

Create Rules

Setting ground rules may sound like a parent thing, but trust us when we say it’s useful. If you set up a list of rules that everyone agrees upon it will allow you all to live a happier and healthier lifestyle as roommates. These rules can consist of being quiet in the morning and at a specific time of the night, when it’s okay to eat each other’s food, and when it’s okay to use each other’s items. If the rules don’t work, then you know it’s time to find a new roommate or a new place to live.

Become Friends

Sometimes learning about your roommate will lead to a good relationship and maybe a strong friendship. Go out and enjoy each other’s company. See a movie, go to a bar, get coffee, do something with each other. There comes the point when you need to realize how much time you spend with your roommate. Become their friend, learn who they are, you may discover why they are like they are. That way when you have developed a good relationship you can discuss some issues you have seen and can fix.

Be Mindful

Being mindful is something you need to think about if you are pissed off with your roommate. Could you be irritating to them too? It can be hard living with someone you barely know but think about how they feel. They feel the same way. Understand that you both need some space, quiet time, and respect.

Move Out

This tip is 100% effective, but you should only use it if you have tried all of these tips and none have worked. At that point, you need to remove yourself from that lousy place of hell and find new heaven. Heaven that has a good roommate.

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