CGI Instagram Stars 2018: Top 5 Must-See IG Models

In today’s day and age, it seems like you are just a click away from becoming famous on Instagram. However, not only do you have to compete with other real-life people online, now you are fighting with people who don’t really even exist, Not only are there too many animal videos on YouTube stealing your thunder, yes, there are really Instagram celebrities who don’t really exist. Yet, they have the lives you wish you could have, despite not actually having, well, “lives.” I guess there is always the music industry. Oh, wait, Gorillaz. Nevermind. Well, if we are going to be replaced by holograms, we might as well enjoy it. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Instagram CGI models.


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Shudu ❤ Nfon . . . 📸 . #shudu #3dart

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On her own official Instagram account, Shudu boasts being the world’s very first digital supermodel. According to a YouTube video revolving around her start in the modeling industry, many people did not originally figure out at first that she wasn’t a real person. Her creators were then inspired to develop more images of her as a true fashion icon.

Lil Miquela

Lil Miquela has not let the handicap of not being real prevent her from making her name known. It has not prevented her from getting involved in social causes, like the Black Live Matters movement, even asking for donations on her official Instagram campaign. It has not even prevented brands from being interested in her.

Louis Vuitton’s ‘Virtual Heroine’

Look, CGI models are just breaking into the industry. We can forgive little liberties here and there, like not having a name! On the official Louis Vuitton Instagram account, a pink-haired “Virtual Heroine” developed by Square Enix for #LVSERIES4 was the product of several artists to be the face of a new narrative. Our pink-haired heroine was the face of the campaign, but there appeared to be a few human models here and there. Of course, you can never tell if people aren’t just CGI models anyway…

CGI Punk

On the other hand, there are CGI models out there who are upfront on the whole not being real situation I respect that. The world, or Instagram account, of “CGI Punk” labels itself with the simple tagline that its creator loves CGI. In this world, some models are warriors existing within a science fiction world and some are witches existing within a fantasy world. There are even a few male CGI models on this account, so there’s really something for everybody.

EM Silver

This Instagram artist is based in Sydney, Australia and specializes in custom art. Similar to CGI Punk, there is no attempt to hide being CGI, many of whom also appear to be robots.

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