Drug Smugglers Caught Hiding Liquidized Cocaine In Colombian Soccer Jerseys

Hardcore Southern American drug dealers may be some of the worst people on Earth, but dammit, I respect their hustle. Police bust you for powdered cocaine a couple of times? NO PROBLEM. Just liquify it and sprinkle it on some Colombian soccer jerseys. Boom, problem solved.
Well, while that didn’t necessarily solve their problem (they still got busted) I admire the ingenuity and determination nonetheless.
Police officers in Bogota, Colombia, seized 70 KG of cocaine hidden inside 14 official Colombian national team jerseys. When I say inside, I mean the cocaine was melted and poured onto the jersey themselves. 2018, man.
The package, which was traveling from Barranquilla to Groningen, Holland, did not seem illicit at first. However, after an initial swab test on revealed traces of drugs, further tests showed that all the shirts had all been covered in cocaine hydrochloride.
via Daily Mail:

In a new technique used by smuggling gangs to avoid detection, liquid cocaine is poured into the fabric of clothes, a process which increases the weight of the garment by around 15 per cent.
On the other side, the process is reversed in a lab to extract the drug without losing a single gram.
Coronel Wilson Liza Ramirez, the commander of the Antinarcotics squad at El Dorado airport, said smugglers were taking advantage of World Cup football fever. He said investigations were continuing to determine who was responsible for posting the shipment of football shirts.

As for the actual, cocaine-less (hopefully) Colombian national team, they return to the World Cup stage when they take on Poland in Kazan, Russia on Sunday, June 24.

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COED’s Quick Fix: Everything You Need To Know Today-6/21
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