Kiyaunta Goodwin: Full Story & Must-See Details

Your average 14-year old is enjoying their summer hanging out with friends and getting prepared to enter freshman year of high school in the fall. This 14-year old from Louisville, Kentucky is spending his summer receiving verbal scholarship offers from top football programs in the country.

What Happened?

Kiyaunta Goodwin is a 14-year old kid who has the attention of many college football coaches. Goodwin has received nine verbal scholarship offers from Division One schools. Goodwin has received offers from Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Wisconsin, LSU, Syracuse, Louisville, Kentucky, and Western Kentucky. He has also received much interest from Ohio State, Michigan, and other top schools in the country.
Goodwin tweeted out Sunday night that he had received a verbal scholarship offer from Alabama Head Coach, Nick Saban.

The day before he tweeted about the verbal offer he had received from Florida State.

Goodwin also posted another tweet to his account with a picture of him and NFL Hall of Fame lineman, Anthony Munoz. In the photo, you can truly see the size of Goodwin. He has not even entered high school yet and he is making an NFL Hall of Fame lineman look small. You truly get the feel for how big he actually is when seeing the two of them stand side-by-side for the photo.

According to many coaches, Goodwin has the potential to be the #1 ranked high school prospect in the class of 2022. Many of those coaches believe that he could go on to become a high-level NFL player as he already has the body size to play at that level.

Who Is Kiyuanta Goodwin?

Goodwin is 6’7″ and 370 pounds outsizing all of the opponents he has faced at this point in his life. His sheer size and athletic ability have drawn the attention of many college coaches. He works out with many other talented football players at Aspirations Gym, which is a football pipeline in South Louisville, producing some of the state’s best prospects. Goodwin is not only interested in football as he also loves robotics and would love to study engineering once he gets to college. Goodwin talked about how football would not define his life when he said, “Football is something I love doing, but it’s also something I want to use to get more out of life. I could be one of the first people in my family to graduate, I want to go to college and get a degree.”

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