Top 5 Breakfast Cereals To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Let’s be real here whenever we are in a rush before work you have no energy to make breakfast. Can you remember as a kid waking up tired but when your mom or dad set a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal you were instantly happy? Making yourself your bowl of cereal today takes you back to those days. Forget about the eggs, oatmeal, smoothies, bacon, okay maybe not bacon. But, nothing can beat the childhood brands we all know and love. Every bite can bring back every good memory you lived in the past. And we are here to tell you the top 5 best kinds of cereal you had as a kid. So, before you run to the grocery to grab a box read our choices and see if you agree.

Captain Crunch Berries

Probably one of the cereals that do feel like your mouth is being ripped to shreds, but it didn’t stop you from eating it. Comparing it to the big brother, the original Captain Crunch, the berries add a flavor that mixes well with the rest of the cereal. It also combines some good sugary tastes in the milk. Even though it’s full of sugar, you can think that you are getting your morning fruit in and feel a little less guilty.

Cocoa Puffs

Besides the Cuckoo Bird in every Cocoa Puffs commercial, the cereal made us all crazy for these little chocolate balls. Chocolate balls for breakfast are so mind-blowing you didn’t think it could get better, then you look at the milk that has turned into chocolate milk. It’s like heaven in a bowl. Trying to be a replica to Trix, the chocolate flavor took the win. Trix was never a fan favorite. And fruit can’t beat chocolate unless you mix it.

Lucky Charms

We know we all use to buy this cereal just for the marshmallows, but we can’t argue with the magical taste of Lucky Charms. A kind of cereal that is good with or without milk. I bet some of you guys could finish the box in one sitting. Now, being realistic here, there is a lot of sugar in this cereal, but we all knew it. That didn’t stop our parents from letting us eat it.

Frosted Flakes

Like the tiger Tony would say, “They’re Gr-r-reat!” and we 100% agree with him. Frosted Flakes have become a huge fan favorite and has stayed that way for years since it’s release in 1951. The sugary and frosty goodness makes every kid and adult smile grow more prominent with each bite. No one is ever too old to eat frosted flakes.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Everyone loves French toast, but a lot of us couldn’t have it every morning. That was until General Mills came out with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Each square piece is covered with cinnamon sugar that can coat your mouth with just one bite. Once you are finished the milk turns into a sugary liquid that will give you a sugar rush, but you don’t care because it tastes so good.

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