What Moves The Boston Celtics Should Make In The Offseason

Falling just one game short of the NBA finals without arguably their best two players, general manager Danny Ainge has positioned the green and white to be in almost too perfect of a spot for the next decade with many important decisions to make this offseason that will shape the teams future for years to come. Terry Rozier, the point guard who burst onto the scene out of nowhere is up for an extension as well as elite defender Marcus Smart’s impending unrestricted free agency. Not to mention that Kawhi Leonard may also be available via trade and with all the draft picks Aigne has accumulated, he is definitely something to consider.

Marcus Smart


While the stat sheet rarely does Marcus Smart any justice, he is without question one of the most important players on this roster. His ability to guard one through four is an extremely rare trait and would be very hard to replace. He has embraced the sixth man role perfectly and has won over the fans with his hard work and hustle plays. Most importantly, Smart wants to be in Boston and with so few teams having cap space this summer, unless a team like the Hawks make some ludicrous offer in the $15-$20 million dollar range, the Celtics should be willing to match anything if they can not just get the deal done themselves.

Terry Rozier


Assuming the Celtics do indeed keep Smart, they should also hold on to Rozier for at least one more season. He played like an All-Star when it mattered most and shifting back to the bench where he will likely be pitted against other team’s benches should allow him to thrive even more. With the ability to bring him and Smart off the bench, half of the teams in the NBA would love for that to be their starting backcourt. There are two arguments for getting rid of one them that simply do not make sense at this point in time. The first is that you are not going to pay to backup guards an eight-figure salary. Especially when you also know you are going to be paying Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum max contracts when they are eligible. The second is that many critics to the situation claim that Rozier and Smart do the same job. To put it nicely, that claim is a fallacy. Smart is of the Swiss army knife prototype with the ability to contribute in a number of ways. Whether it’s guarding the opposing teams best player, running the point in pick and roll, or even hitting timely threes, Smart can do a little bit of everything. Rozier is a solid defender in his own right thanks to his long arms and elite athleticism, but where he really thrives in on the offensive end and the glass. Rozier can get you a bucket with an old school break-you-down isolation type play, when he’s not gassed like he was in game seven of the eastern conference finals he can be a lights out three point shooter, whether its off the dribble or catch and shoot, finally he has also learned to be a great passer out of pick and roll situations. They both have the ability to play off the ball and are actually a perfect pairing for each other, so while they still have Rozier on a rookie deal the wisest move would be to keep the guys that led you to one game away from the finals.

Kawhi Leonard


If Ainge is worried about the expensive payroll that will come to fruition in just a few years with this roster, trading for Leonard could actually ease the pain of that. Having Rozier and Smart is a luxury, not a necessity. Same goes for wing players Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum. Trading two of these guys for Leonard would make a lot of sense. Of those guys, the Spurs would likely prefer budding star Jayson Tatum who is probably off the table before negotiations even begin. Next would be Gordon Hayward who is also extremely unlikely to be dealt since the Celtics just signed him and have not even got a chance to see what he and coach Brad Stevens could do in there the second term together. This leaves the Spurs to choose from Brown, and either Smart or Rozier. With all three players adding value to the team, Ainge would likely just agree to whoever Spurs GM R.C. Buford covets. Picks may also be thrown in, but with Kawhi, Hayward, and Irving all entering their prime this deal makes just as much sense as keeping the group together.

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