Michelle Beadle Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Michelle Worth?

Michelle Beadle, a female sports reporter and host on ESPN is most known for her appearances on SportsNation and ESPN2. She has also hosted the Winner Bracket on ABC with Marcellus Wiley. Now let’s see how she got her start in the sports world and just how much cash she made along the way.

Michelle Beadle 2019 Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Early Life:

Michelle Beadle was born on October 23, 1975, in Italy. Her father Bob Beadle was an executive at Valero Energy. After departing from Italy early on in Beadles’ childhood, she and her family moved to Roanoke, Texas. This is where she and her mother learned the English language together. Michelle has noted in the past that this was a great bonding experience for her and her mother. Beadle’s went on to say that during her childhood because of the language barrier her only best friend was her mother. Michelle’s family then moved Boerne right outside of San Antonio. This move took place during a very crucial stage of development for BeadleMcu, her teen years. During this time Michelle said she didn’t have many girlfriends, most of the friends she made were boys. She has described herself as a tomboy growing up so it was easier for her to connect with guys instead of girls.
Michelle completed high school in Boerne and graduated from the University of Austin, Texas. She received a degree in political science. Beadle’s first job out of college, she worked for a law group in Austin. Michelle realized after three years with the firm, the job she took on just wasn’t for her. While finding her true passion she took odd jobs such as waitressing to pay her bills. Beadle’s father helped her get an internship for the San Antonio Spurs, that is where Michelle discovered her love of sports journalism. She was eventually given the opportunity to become a reporter for the team. This launched her entire career!

From The Law Office To ESPN:


Michelle began her career at Fox Sports Net hosting the show Big Game Hunters. In 2002, she became a sideline reporter and began covering the Professional Bull Riders’ Bud Light Cup Tour, for TNN. On June 1, 2009, Beadle began working for ESPN.
Michelle started as a co-host on SportsNation with Colin Cowherd. Beadle was given this job opportunity, not for her knowledge of sports or athletic statistics, but for her humor. personality and bravery to step out of her comfort zone. She scored the job my really showing her true personality through one of the pre-hire activities. All 142 candidates were asked to send ESPN of ten things the channel needs to improve about their production. While other candidates took this task extremely seriously, Michelle went for the humorous approach and wrote a sarcastic list of things that just came to her mind. She was almost instantly offered the job.
In May of 2012, Michelle left ESPN to work for NBC Sports Network. After only working with the network for two years, she returned to ESPN in 2014. Beadle recently said she’s never felt more at home than when she is in the studio at ESPN.


Michelle Beadle seems to have been enjoying some basketball with her new show “NBA after the Buzzer” as the season comes to an end.

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