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You know your favorites. You know the big names. The World Cup is the perfect place to watch the most talented players in the world compete. There are the classics such as Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, and Müller. Then you’ve got your newer faces who exploded in the recent years, like Kane, Salah, and de Bruyne. However, the World Cup introduces a different category. The tournament provides an excellent platform for players who are not necessarily known to the common fan, to gain some spotlight attention. These are the players who enter the cup inconspicuously and by the time mid- July rolls around, are being recruited by Europe’s top clubs. Let’s take a look at five players the World Cup will make soccer stars.

Hirving Lozano (Mexico)


The 22-year-old who goes by ‘Chucky’ is the winger for the Dutch club, PSV. He was overlooked by some of the top-tier clubs in Europe but has made quite a name for himself despite this. The winger scored 19 goals for PSV this past season and most likely it’s due to his ability to pass a defender using either foot. The skilled player is expected to come out of this tournament with heavy recruitment offers, especially if Mexico makes it far. After securing a 1-0 win over Germany, this outlook appears very favorable.

Marco Asensio (Spain)


Spain is stacked with talent and as a result, Asensio seems to have been hiding in the shadows. Nonetheless, the 22-year old will prove significant for the team’s attack. His driving runs down the wing will be dangerous for opposing teams. Asensio has a keen awareness of the field and excels at creating space as well as opening the field up wide. Already there have been reports that Chelsea has sought the Real Madrid player out.

Christian Eriksen (Denmark)


The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder is already a popular player in the game, but more so within the Premier League. On the Spurs, he’s one of the best, however, for his national team, he is the best. Therefore this tournament is the 26-year-old’s opportunity to prove on an international level just how great he is. He’s an elegant player maker on the Spurs, and no doubt he will showcase this skill set for Denmark.

Cristian Pavon (Argentina)


The Boca Juniors winger has only very recently started to gain some attention in the world of soccer. The 22-year-old is incredibly fast down the wing and does an excellent job setting up his teammates. His addition to Argentina’s roster was slightly surprising, but Pavon has found his place on the team as well as demonstrated his undeniable chemistry with Messi on the field. Despite it being so early into the tournament, Arsenal is reportedly ready to sign him.

Kylian Mbappe (France)


The 19-year-old is a forward for Paris Saint-Germain, but currently on loan for Monaco. Two years ago, Mbappe wasn’t on anyone’s radar. He has since blown up at club level. In his past two seasons, he scored 47 goals in 88 games. It’s automatically obvious when you see him play, that he’s a gifted player. He controls the pace of the game very well and is a notorious finisher. Along with Lozano, Asensio and Pavon, Mbappe is part of the new generation of soccer. With this tournament, Mbappe can hopefully make a name for himself at an international level.

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