World Cup Day 3 Highlights: Must-See Goals & Moments

The World Cup wrapped up its third day — it’s the first matchday with four games being played — and it did not disappoint. Between France’s late winner, Messi’s missed penalty kick, VAR’s frequent use, and Peru’s “dominant loss”, the first full day of World Cup action was everything fans could have wanted and more.
Yes, we know you may not be a full-blown soccer fan who wants to sit around and watch full games, but nonetheless, the highlights are still awesome, and it is theย World Cup, so we know you’re curious.
So whether you’re a lifelong football fan or merely the casual observer, here are all the highlights from the third matchday of the 2018 World Cup.

France Takes the Lead on a Penalty Kick

France Gives up the Lead on a Penalty Kick

Paul Pogba’s Game Winner

Sergio Aguero’s Clinical Strike

Iceland Responds

Leo Messi Chokes

Peru Can’t Buy One

Denmark Makes Something Out of Nothing

Croatia Find Some Luck

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