National Jerky Day 2018: 5 Best Beef Jerky Brands

There really is a holiday for everything. And this Tuesday, June 12, we get to celebrate National Jerky Day. National Jerky Day was created by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky in 2012. Since then, it has become a day for everyone to enjoy their favorite protein-rich snacks.
“In many ways, jerky is an ideal snack. Naturally packed with protein, jerky will keep you satiated between meals; but since it’s low in fat, calories and carbs, it won’t sabotage a healthy diet,” said Jeff LeFever, director of marketing for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, when the holiday was announced to the public.
If you’re a jerky-lover and looking for the right snack to satisfy your taste buds on the big day, check out these top five brands that are leading the way with tasty beef.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

We had to start off this list with the obvious choice. After all, Jack Link’s did create the holiday. Leaving them off the list would be like making a list of top Christmas characters without including Santa. As the leading jerky innovator, Jack Link’s has a wide range of snacks including original jerky, tender strips, a jerky bar, jerky “chew,” jerky sticks and really anything that you could ever think of.
Check out the Jack Link’s website for a full look at their selection.


We all know how popular craft beers are, so why not dive into some crafted, artisanal jerky? Oh, and it’s a great option for the healthy crowd because KRAVE offers jerky that is MSG and nitrite free. With the jerky marinated for 48 hours, its flavor really packs a punch. And the best thing about KRAVE jerky is that it doesn’t carry your typical flavors — teriyaki, black pepper, sweet garlic. Instead, you can go wild with flavors like Sweet Chipotle, Black Cherry Barbecue, Honey Habanero, Pink Peppercorn, Basil Citrus, and many more.
Check out the KRAVE website for a full look at their selection.

Mingua Beef Jerky

Every jerky lover has their preference: tender or tough. If you tend to sway towards the tougher brands, you’ll want to check out Mingua Beef Jerky. The jerky is thinly sliced and blackened. Because it is tough, you have to let the jerky sit on your tongue before really chowing down, but the way the flavor soaks in it is worth every bite.
Check out the Mingua Beef Jerky website for a full look at their selection.

Big John’s Original Beef Jerky

Big John’s Beef Jerky is perfect for those who like to snag their beef in bulk. You can buy a 24-bag case of 1-pound bags if you are really craving some snacks. The jerky comes in easy to eat thin strips that don’t require much chewing. If you do like the thicker slabs of meat, though, they have you covered with their new “jerky steak.” Flavors include Mango Jalapeno, Ghost Pepper, Fiery Black Pepper & Garlic, BBQ, Original, Extra Garlic Sriracha, and many more.
Check out the Big John’s Original Beef Jerky website for a full look at their selection.

Chef’s Cut

Chef’s Cut, as the name would suggest, is hand-cut, slowly marinated meat that is then slow-smoked to give you a flavorful, tender finish. Chef’s Cut offers beef, pork, and chicken jerkys.
Check out the Chef’s Cut website for a full look at their selection.

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