The 5 Things We Do Wrong In Our Everyday Lives

For years we have been performing tasks that have become second nature. But, everything we have been doing is all wrong. Simple things that we don’t really think about twice. Some of the tasks your parents have been performing are wrong too. Don’t worry, we can help you fix a few things to get you back to your everyday lives. Some of these tasks are so easy that after doing it just once, you won’t even remember how you did it before. Take a look at the 5 things we all do wrong.

Straw Holders

Did you think the tab of the can was just to open the drink? Nope, it’s also a straw holder for those who like to drink their favorite canned beverages through a straw. This helps for no excess liquid to spill off the top. It also leaves your lips less sticky.

Eating An Apple

Eating an apple is pretty simple, but what about the rest of the apple from the core? There is a lot of extra apple still left on the core that a lot of people don’t eat. It’s said that most people throw away 30% of an apple. Try eating the apple from the bottom up instead of from the side. This way you get to eat more of the apple than you did before.

Stapler Remover For Key Chains

Everyone has those moments of destroying their fingernails to take off a keychain from their car keys. Those stupid rings are a pain and remove. Simply take a stapler remover and use them as your nails. This way you can quickly take off your key chains and keep from damaging your nails.

Refrigerating A Drink
In those frantic moments of realizing you didn’t refrigerate any of the drinks for your party. Just take your drinks and rap them in a wet paper towel. Stick them in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes and you’ve got yourself a perfectly refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day.

Opening Plastic Packaging

All that plastic packaging that makes it almost impossible to open. And sometimes, with an accidental slip of your hand, u get cut from the sharp plastic. That’s just too dangerous. Try taking a can opener and cut the container like you are opening a can. This makes opening that difficult plastic packaging so much easier.

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