Thomas Muller Net Worth 2021: How Much Is Muller Worth Now?

Thomas Muller is one of the worlds most prolific goal scorers. He plays for the biggest club in Germany in the form of Bayern Munich and is consistently a star of the German National Team. At 28 years old Muller has already racked up a litany of accolades for both club and country. But in the affluent world of soccer how much is the forward worth?

Thomas Muller Net Worth As Of 2019: $20 Million

Being one of the best goal scorers in the world comes with a big price tag! Muller has amassed a net worth of $20 Million that is likely to grow with his insane salary and his place on one of the biggest clubs in the world. But how did the German build his riches?


Thomas Muller was born September 13, 1989, in the town of Wilheim, Germany. Muller has one sibling. When he was four he began playing for his local club’s youth academy, TSV Pahl. When he was 10 he moved to the youth academy of German Behemoth, Bayern Munich. He would spend the next eight seasons with their youth side, even helping their U-19 squad finish in 2nd place in the league in 2007. In this time Muller also would begin his journey to the top of the German National Team as well. He started with their U-16s in 2004. Upon completing his tenure with their youth side Muller joined the senior team of his parent club. He made his debut with the squad in August 2008 and would begin to solidify his rise to prominence.


Muller signed with Bayern Munich in February 2009 and made his Champions League Debut in March. When Louis Van Gaal was named manager of Bayern Munich he pegged Muller as the future of the club. Muller and Bayern Munich would go on an absolute tear in his first few years. Leading up to the 2014 World Cup he would be the top scorer in 2010, Bayern Munich would win the league in 2010, 2013, and 2013 and win the DFB-Pokal inĀ  those same years. They would also win the FIFA Club World Cup in 2014. The most impressive feat Muller and his club pulled in this time was the treble in 2013. This means they won their league, their nations cup, and the Champions League in one season. Other than a couple years of success for Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich ran rampant over the Bundesliga.
Muller would also become a mainstay of the national team in this time. In November 2009 Muller would join the German Men’s National team senior side. He would make the senior squad for the 2010 World Cup and win the Golden Boot at just 20 years old. He also made the 2012 Euro squad but both teams would be eliminated in the semi-finals of their respective tournaments. Even though they fell short, 2014 would prove to be a massive year for Germany and Muller.


Mullers excellent form with his club only continued to shine going into the 2014 World Cup Cycle. Muller would win the next four Bundesliga Titles bringing Bayern Munich’s total to seven straight league titles. Not to be outdone in Bundesliga play Muller would also add one more DFB-Pokal to the trophy case, winning the German Cup in 2016. Throw in two German Super Cups in 2017 and 2018 and it looked like Muller’s Club career could not be topped. Though his 2014 year with the National Team may do just that.
Germany entered the 2014 World Cup in what pundits were calling “the group of death.” Even though Germany was a superpower of soccer and considered front-runner for their group, FIFA did them no favors with their draw. Pitting them against The United States, Portugal, and Ghana. Despite the challenge, Germany lived up to expectations and moved onto the knock out rounds. In their semi-final round against host country Brazil, Muller scored the first goal of what would be a 7-1 thrashing. It would also prove to be the 2000th goal for the German National Team. Germany would go on to defeat Argentina to win the 2014 World Cup and Muller would take home the Silver Boot. All still at only 24 years old.
Germany would go on to lose in the semi-final round to France in the 2016 Euro but with the 2018 World Cup upon us, Muller and his teammates have turned their eyes to the future to try and bring home a second straight World Cup Trophy. Muller has achieved more before he was 30 than most players ever dream to achieve. And he can only add to it.


Thomas Muller has been punished for his challenge on Ajax defender Nicholas Tagliafico.

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