RECAP: 'Westworld' Season 2 Episode 8: Must-See Review S2E8

The eighth episode of HBO’s Westworld in the already action-packed second season airs this Sunday, June 10, 2018. In this episode, “Kiksuya”, the official synopsis brings us to a new area of the park, Ghost Nation: “The past is calling.”

Westworld Season 2 Episode 8 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M.
Episode: “Kiksuya”
TV Channel: HBO
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth

I Remember You


The Man in Black, riddled with bullets, eventually makes his way to the edge of a river bank. Thinking he had just taken his last breath, a native on horseback arrives… but he remembers William. As he drags him back to camp, he tells a dying William, “death is a passage from this brutal world. You don’t deserve the exit.”
He leaves William with his people while he checks on Maeve’s little girl. Over time, his daughter comes for him, saying he is a burden only she can bear. Ake sees that he is her blood and despite his transgression, returns a wounded William to his daughter where she promises he will pay for his crimes and it will be far worse than anything his tribe could do.

The Past Was Calling Me

The native tells Maeve’s daughter he remembers his past lives and she doesn’t have to fear him. He tells her the story of his wife, his great love, and how he was a man of peace. He remembers flashing back and forth between lives but most importantly he remembers images of the infamous maze no matter which life he lived. “They destroyed the man I was… and this time I came out breathing fire.”
One day he came across a barely incoherent Logan Delos – most likely after young William tied him naked to a horse and set him on his way last season. Looks like things didn’t work out too well for the kid. He tells the native this world is not real and it will only swallow that which enter it. Ake gives him a blanket and reassured Logan that his people would find him. Being that we know he died in the ‘real world’ from an overdose, I can safely assume his last experience in the park was the icing on the cake.
When he rides past the village his former life had lived, seeing his love, his memories began to return. The savage becomes the profit. Looking for a way back, or a way out, he rode further than before and stumbled upon park HQ: thanks lazy Delos planning team!

They Took Everything From Me

Upon his tour of self-realization, he returns for his love Kohana and washes off his war paint to show her that he is, in fact, the man she once knew – Ake. Ake tells her that this world is not what it seems and he can show her. The two make their way to the park Delos HQ… but just like that, she gets scooped up by corporate and whisked away.
Ake returns to the village in hopes of finding her, but as he says, “there was a ghost in her place.” Being that the hosts seem to imprint more severely than humans do, this is something I’d call an oversight. Does Delos have a human resources division or did they turn them into hosts too?
Over time, Ake said he wasn’t the only one in the village who became self-aware. Soon, many began to realize their loved ones were being replaced with new hosts… the ghosts. The only way Ake could be reunited with Koha was on the other side of death. He takes a knife and is brought inside Delos where he finds Kohana offline in a warehouse storage. He then realizes there is a shared pain linking all the hosts together, whether they knew it or not.

You Don’t Deserve This

Maeve gets brought to what constitutes as a medical wing up in the Delos labs, being that she can tap into the matrix, Sizemore tells the other guys she’s worth saving. He’s a mess. He holds her hand, crying, “you don’t deserve this, you deserve your daughter.” Just as Dolorous predicted, the technicians begin decrypting Maeve’s code and her fate will be decided by Charlotte Hale.
While Maeve is being held at Delos, Ake is communicating with her, revealing that he will keep her daughter safe until she returns. Charlotte and Sizemore can’t understand who she’s communicating with, let alone how this is happening outside the park. But one thing is for certain, the power of the hosts is not one to be trifled with or dismissed.

This episode was remarkable, feeling more like a movie than an episode of a television show. From the score to the dialogue this entry of Westworld undoubtedly stands alone and tells a larger story. Everyone is connected and it is our job to see beyond ourselves to gain understanding.
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