Johnny Knoxville Dishes On The Time Brad Pitt Was On 'Jackass'

Johnny Knoxville is undoubtedly a legend to the millennial generation. Back before the age of political correctness was ushered in, a magical television show called Jackass existed and Knoxville was its charismatic star. If you were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s, odds are you wanted to be Johnny Knoxville when you grew up.
A true capsule of its time, Jackass was essentially just a bunch of buddies getting paid to pull pranks on each other. At one point or another, every group of teenage boys dreamed of becoming their own version of the Jackass guys.
However, despite how much I grew up idolizing Jackass and watching all their movies, I had absolutely NO idea that Brad Pitt was once on the show (I was only eight when this episode aired, so cut me some slack).

“Brad Pitt was just kidnapped and throw into a van,” one man told 911 “I’m really not kidding.”

As the legend goes, Johnny Knoxville bumped into Brad at Spike Jonze’s house (the director of Jackass … and Her ?!) and where he said he wanted to do something with Jackass.
However, according to Knoxville, Brad Pitt much more extreme than they originally thought.

“Well, yeah, he showed up ready. We were in these go-karts bombing the hill on Vine, and we were all like ‘oh, we really don’t want him to get hurt because he’s Brad Pitt,” Knoxville explains to Hot Ones host Sean Evans.
“But he did not care. He was ready to do it. He was the first one in the middle of the street, and we were like ‘No, no no!’, but he didn’t care.”

You can watch the full Hot Ones episode with Johnny Knoxville below. The Brad Pitt part comes at approximately 4:40.

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