Fellas, We Can Confirm the Perfect Girl Does Exist

Every so often, a woman pops on the internet that immediately becomes everyone’s wifey. Whether it be a chick sitting behind home plate at a baseball game or an Instagram model that was spotted with Drake at Nobu (that’s a Los Angeles reference for you peasants), the internet has been teased over and over with the “perfect girl”. Alas, after 25 years of internetting, I think we’ve found her.
Last night, the San Diego Padres uploaded a video to their Instagram of a gorgeous 20-something not only caught a home run in her beer, but she then proceeded to chug TF out of said beer. But it’s more than just a simple beer chug: it’s a statement about who this woman is as a person.
Let’s break it down point by point, shall we?

  1. Location: she’s at a baseball game on a weeknight with her girlfriends
  2. Drink of choice: she’s drinking beer, not a whine cooler or some bullshit.
  3. Spirit: she’s a good sport.
  4. Outgoing: she wasn’t shy in front of the cameras, she owned the moment.
  5. Badass: she chugged TF out of that beer.
  6. Hobbies: she’s clearly a sports fan.
  7. Looks: she is, objectively, attractive.

And since we’re talking baseball, I’ll make the obvious pun: whoever this girl is, she’s a total home run. And to whoever she is, my Twitter is @eric_italiano and my Instagram handle is @ericitaliano.


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