LeBron Gives His Opinion On The Philadelphia Eagles Cancelled White House Visit

Yesterday, President Trump announced (on Twitter) that he would be rescinding the Philadelphia Eagles invitation to the White House after a majority of their players decided they would not be attending (classic “you can’t fire me because I quit!” scenario).
In a statement from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House says they sensed “a lack of good faith” by the Eagles during discussions about the scheduled event. According to the statement,¬†the Philadelphia Eagles notified the White House on May 31 that 81 individuals would attend the event, which was scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, with a group of 1,000 Eagles fans also scheduled to be a part of the ceremony.
However, Sanders claimed that on Friday, June 1, the Eagles attempted to reschedule the event, despite the fact that it had already been announced that President Trump would be traveling overseas on the team’s proposed dates. Couple days later, the star ofThe Apprentice¬†announces that the event has been canceled altogether:

So, naturally, because he’s the most recognizable athlete in American sports, reporters asked LeBron James — who has made three White House visits himself — what he thought of the Eagles’ situation.

“Let’s not let someone uninviting you from their house take away from their championship… Winning a championship is way bigger than getting invited to the White House, especially with him in it,” LeBron said.

Strange how championship winning teams visiting the White House — what used to be a formality — is now such a political talking point. Such is the world we live in these days.

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