Vegas Releases Updated 'Game Of Thrones' Betting Odds

Despite the fact that we’re currently in the middle of Westworld SZN (which has been awesome, by the way), Game of Thrones is still as present as ever as we patiently await the arrival of the eighth and final season.
With the season 8 premiere still about a year away (UGH), fans of HBO’s epic fantasy drama have been latching on to any and all information about the show they can get their hands on. For example, last week I wrote about a character that didn’t even appear in the most recent season, thus proving that any Game Of Thrones news is good news.
So, for this week’s vague Game Of Thrones news, we’re going to talk about gambling on the outcome of the show, which apparently you can do.
According to The Action Network, while production on Game Of Thrones final season is still underway, that hasn’t stopped the Bovada sportsbook from posting updated odds on “Who will rule Westeros?”. Currently, Jon Snow and Dany are co-favorites to win the Iron Throne at +200, with Bran Stark coming in third at +350.
The value bet here, obviously, is taking The Night King at +1000, as many longtime Throners believe that the show may very well end with a White Walker victory. Because as much as we want Jon and Dany to succeed, we wouldn’t put it past George R.R. Martin to have the whole damn story end in defeat.

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