Top 5 Easy Tips To Beat The Mall Traffic

Going to the mall can be one of two things. One, fun and eventful. Or two, awful and boring. For 90% of people in the world going to the mall is very uneventful. Getting these people to go to the mall is like pulling teeth. But, we all have to go to the mall to get new clothing that makes us look like we don’t live in our cars. And I know what you are thinking, you don’t want to run into someone you know, you hate having people ask you for help when you don’t need it, and you certainly don’t want to be asked about the stores discounted card. We have some solutions for you. Here are our top 5 tips for beating the mall traffic.

Create A Map

Maps aren’t just helpful for the road but also useful in the mall. Know exactly where you need to go. Take a map or mentally plan on which store you will start at and which one you will end. It also helps to choose the store you know you won’t buy that much from, that way you don’t have to carry any big bags all over the mall. Go from small, medium, to large making it easier to carry all your purchases to your car. And when you have a mapped out plan, you will be focused enough to not stop for anything else in the mall.

Grocery List

Similar to the map but the grocery list makes you take fewer trips to each store. If you make a list of what you need from the mall, you will only need to hit one or two stores. Listing out what you need like shirts, pants, and socks. You may only need to go to one store which will not only make your mall trip easier but it will get you out quicker. The list allows you not to roam around the mall looking at each store window like a lost puppy.


No one wants to run into people they know in the mall. It’s annoying to have those “how are you?”, “what are you up to these days?”, or “we should get together” type of conversations. The simple and best tip to avoid these people is to not make any eye contact with anyone. To help with this is to wear a hat, don’t wear a hood that’s too creepy. It also helps if you are wearing headphones makes them think you can’t hear them. And lastly, look like you are on a mission they won’t want to bother you if you look like you need to get something important done. You can use these camouflage tools anywhere. If none of these tips work, just run you will probably never see them again.

Group Dates

If you do get that chance to go to the mall with your friend group, do it! Having a group of friends go to the mall is one of the best things to happen. Being in a group is nice because everyone around you avoids the group. A large group of people in the mall is like dog poop on the sidewalk. People will swerve to avoid it. Cashiers even notice it and try to get them out of the store as quickly as possible. It also helps with not drawing attention to one individual, the attention is on the whole group. Don’t be worried about this most group don’t care if they have attention or not. The only hard part about this is planning the actual mall date, good luck with that.


Then there is the simplest solution out there. For those of you who hate going to the mall, just shop online. It’s like riding a bike, go online to your favorite store and buy what you need. The only bad part about this is the shipping fee, which is usually free depending on the store. Avoid the long lines, nagging workers, screaming children, crowded stores, and smelly changing rooms. Online shopping takes 5 minutes of your time, you could practically order a new pair of jeans on the toilet when you are doing your business.

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