Top 10 Best Donut Shops In America

The National Donut Day is on June 1, 2018, so its only best to take a look at some of the best donut shops in America. Donuts can come in all shapes and sizes, no matter what flavor you are craving the doughy and glazy little circle will brighten anyone’s day. With so many combinations out in the world, it’s hard to pick the best let alone our favorite. That’s why it’s best to say you love all kinds of donuts, it makes’s the donuts feel better. Let’s take a look at your next donut shop stop.

California Donuts (Los Angeles, California)

Our most photogenic donut for your Instagram accounts. With cute donuts like the Panda donut which features Oreo ears and eyes to the classic glazed, California Donuts doesn’t shy away from a camera. With their fierce poses, their bright colors, diverse flavors, they could be contestants on the next season of America’s Next Top Model. When you stop by California Donuts, don’t forget your phone.

District Donut And Coffee (Washington, DC)

What goes best with donuts besides more donuts? It’s coffee! Head on over to District Donut and Coffee for a blast of sweet flavors. A fan favorite is the Goodfellow, a donut dipped in cream and Nutella, topped with applewood-smoked bacon. Your taste buds will thank you and ask you for seconds. They would have to be a good donut shop since chef, Christine Schaefer is part of the creation of District Donut and Coffee.

Allie’s Donuts (North Kingstown, Rhode Island)

Make sure to get to Allie’s Donuts early before there is a line out the door. For decades now, Allie’s Donuts has made donut lover dreams come true. And why wouldn’t they? With multiple colored sprinkle donuts with creamy frosting, our mouths are just watering thinking about them. And don’t forget about Allie’s costume donut cakes, fit for any child or adult’s birthday. No matter what age you are, everyone will crave Allie’s Donuts.

Fox’s Donut Den (Nashville, Tennessee)

Being around for over three decades, Fox’s Donut Den has not only called all humans to feast on donuts but on animal life too. Not really, but these donuts will make any mouth water. This donut shop has been known to be a hot spot for engagement photos. For some, it’s almost tempting to propose to the sweet sprinkled treat. If you love it, put a donut on it.

Voodoo Doughnuts (Portland, Oregon)

No donut shop visit is ever finished without a pink box. The famous Voodoo Doughnuts takes our wildest donut dreams and brings them to life. With toxic creations comes with mischievous names. Some favorites include, Maple Blazer Blunt pretty self-explanatory, Oh Captain, My Captain our favorite captain crunch donut, Old Dirty Bastard when peanut butter meets Oreo, and the Voodoo Doll filled with raspberry jelly to act as blood and ending with a pretzel stick stabbed in the heart. These crazy donuts leave the store with a long line of hungry donut lovers, but don’t worry, the line moves fast.

Hugs & Donuts (Houston, Texas)

When you sink your teeth into this sweet treat, you feel like you are getting a nice warm hug. Hugs & Donuts create some of our favorite desserts and put them on top of a donut. Such as s’mores and chocolate pudding. Stuffing donuts is their superpower, with a seasonal stuffing of eggnog and caramel apple. If donuts couldn’t get any better, they just did at Hugs & Donuts.

Da Vinci’s Donuts (Atlanta, Georgia)

If it’s smaller, you can eat more, right? These little donuts act as donut hole’s older brother. Da Vinci’s Donuts take an artistic role in creating this doughy treat. Each little donut is a work of art that you can fit in your mouth. At Da Vinci’s Donuts, you can pick an artistic flavor or use your donut imagination and create your own masterpiece. Not only do you get to enjoy a tasty treat that makes you feel less guilty than a regular donut, but you get to be a donut artist.

General Porpoise Doughnuts (Seattle, Washington)

Seattle is known for its coffee, so take the finest roasts in America and combine it with a creamy filled donut. General Porpoise Doughnuts takes unique curds, custards, jams, and creams and stuffs it in a fluffy cloud of a donut. The donuts are so unique and tasty like apple cinnamon, strawberry Rhubarb Jam, and Hazelnut cream. There are only five donuts on display each day, some new flavors are introduced in each season and holiday. Yet, with the small menu size, it’s more than enough when you taste these amazing flavors.

Dough (New York City, New York)

Once a hole in the wall donut shop has turned into one of the most famous shops in New York City. All donuts are made fresh every day and they never seem to run out when Dough’s employees are hard at work. With every donut sold, there seem to be new glazes that are experimented to make every customer have a new favorite flavor. Some of these flavors are coconut cream, tropical chili, chocolate chipotle, or chocolate caramel sea salt. Which one will be your favorite?

Union Square Donuts (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Boston isn’t just known for its mass amounts of Dunkin’ Donut shops. The real flavor is a small donut shop in Somerville called Union Square Donuts. Any Bostonian will tell you their addiction for Union Square Donuts. Once you have one you crave more. With flavors like orange cardamom poppy seed, sea-salted bourbon caramel, and brown-butter hazelnut crunch, it’s no wondering so many people are addicted. We are going to have some serious withdrawals when leaving this donut shop.

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