3 Ideal Landing Spots For Manny Machado




The Baltimore Orioles season already looks like it’s pretty much over. The Orioles are dead last in the AL East and are 20 games behind the first place Red Sox in the AL East. Manny Machado is one of the best players in the league, and he’s an impending free agent at the end of the season. There are rumors that Machado is going to command over $300 million, and maybe as much as $350-$400 million. The Orioles need to move Machado, he’s not going to resign, so they need to get some kind of return for him.
Let’s also shoot down the rumors of Machado to the Los Angeles Dodgers, because that would be a stupid move. The Dodgers have a shortstop who’s just as good, if not better in Corey Seager. Yes, Seager is out for the year with Tommy John surgery, but the Dodgers would never give up the prospect haul the Orioles are going to ask for one of the league’s best young players. Even if they did, that would be a horrible decision by the organization. That being said, there are a few playoff contenders could benefit immensely from trading for Machado.

St. Louis Cardinals


The Cardinals would be a perfect option for Machado. They have a good bunch of prospects that could entice the Orioles, and Machado would be a great addition to a young lineup. Young star Paul DeJong could move over to second base because either he or Kolton Wong would definitely be part of the trade. Adding in a young pitcher like Jack Flaherty and maybe one other prospect would be an interesting package for the Orioles to consider, because the closer they get to the deadline, the more desperate they’re probably going to get. The Cardinals are currently sitting in third in the NL Central, and a move for Machado could put them above the Brewers and the Cubs in the division.

Philadelphia Phillies


Machado would be a massive upgrade over former top prospect J.P. Crawford at shortstop. The Phillies have been one of the biggest surprises in the MLB this season, and adding Manny Machado to their lineup would make them a World Series contender. The Phillies currently have the number five ranked farm system in the MLB, so they have the assets to make this move. With a trade centered around J.P. Crawford and a few of their top pitching prospects, the Phillies would become an immediate World Series contender. The Phillies also have the money to resign Machado for the long term, so the price they would pay for Machado would definitely be worth it.

Arizona Diamondbacks


This one is a mystery when it comes to who they would give up, but the Diamondbacks could definitely benefit from acquiring Manny Machado. Paul Goldschmidt has been scuffling lately, and could definitely use more help in the lineup with guys around him dropping like flies due to injury. The Diamondbacks hope to get Shelby Miller back soon from Tommy John surgery, and adding A.J Pollock to their lineup is going to be crucial. But one of the main reasons they made their run to the playoffs last year was because they had a three-headed monster with Pollock, Goldschmidt and J.D. Martinez. Adding Machado to this mix could prove to be lethal, and could push the Diamondbacks over the Rockies in the NL West.

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