Top 5 Most Underpaid Soccer Players In The World

Some of the truly highest paid athletes on the planet are soccer players, in particular, footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar earn close to $665,637 for a week. Many clubs are forced to be constantly balancing their income and expenses and it appears they are totally okay with doing so by actually paying a lot less to the younger rising football stars. And while certain clubs have a strict salary structure, some others intentionally keep underpaying. Go to

Here are the 5 undervalued footballers in the game for today.

Dele Alli

Salary: $66,563 a week

Young, fast-paced and intelligent to make stunning runs into the most dangerous areas while in the attack, Dele continues his growth as a professional player and his just brilliant brace against Real Madrid at Wembley is what can be quite a good example of how well the man handles big games.

Unfortunately, not only is Alli’s salary less than most of his teammates, but it does not do Dele or his qualities much solid either. All in all, considering his potential and skills, he arguably makes the most underpaid player in the game for now.

Edinson Cavani

Salary: $153,000 a week

Cavani currently sits on a £115,000 for a week agreement with PSG. And as someone earning significantly less compared to quite a number of other top strikers, Edinson Cavani might be feeling aggrieved and wishing a sufficient increase to prove his true value before reaching the peak age of his career because, for a player of his class, Cavani is definitely underpaid.

Christian Pulisic

Salary: $33,281 a week

The poster boy for the US soccer, Christian Pulisic currently serves as an attacking midfield force for German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.

He is a wonderful dribbler, regularly winning one-on-one battles on both wings and is gifted with an ability to play well with both feet. For the moment, the 19-year-old talent makes £25,000 a week which is an obviously modest price for his love of the game.

Jan Oblak

Salary: $99,845 a week

As for this very moment, the goalkeeper is on a £75,000 per week deal under Diego Simeone’s management with his contract running until 2021 where he is awaited by a hefty €100 million release clause to scare away potentially interested suitors.

Despite all that, there still are clubs who would be willing to double or even triple his earnings to persuade Oblak to look elsewhere.
, as well as an accurate passer equally over short and long distances, Isco’s presence on the field, accurate passer equally over short and long distances, Isco’s presence on the field creates pretty serious troubles for rival defenders to deal with. He used to help Real win 3 Champions League titles while creating even better chances aplenty across all existing competitions when given an opportunity to justify his real worth.

Being just 25 years old, he tends to be representing Real Madrid’s present and future for many years to come and giving the fact he still earns a meager £70,000 for a week alongside Los Blancos is an unpleasant surprise.

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