The Five Luckiest Lottery Winning College Students of All Time

Whether we realize it or not, we all get our fair share of luck in one form or another – it’s just down to human nature that we tend to remember our bad experiences more than our good ones. However, there are a select group of people around the world have had certainly more than their fair of luck but as the old adage goes, “If you can’t be good, then be lucky.”

In particular, teens and college students seem to have enjoyed more good fortune than most in recent years, especially when it comes to winning ridiculous sums of money on the lottery from very little initial outlay. With that being said, here is a brief rundown of some of the luckiest students of all time and how they handled their unexpected riches.

Alex Best – County Durham, UK

When Alex Best graduated from the University of Bolton in September 2017, he was looking forward to taking a little bit of time off to visit his Bolton music festivals before pursuing a career within the music industry itself. After checking the UK Millionaire Maker code on his Euro Millions ticket, Alex quickly realized that he was a million pounds richer and in his own words “couldn’t stop shaking like a leaf.” The 21-year-old university graduate now plans on buying an Aston Martin once he passes his driving test and is living proof that making the decision to buy lottery tickets for draws such as the Euro Millions could land you a life-changing sum of money, especially with the current jackpot sitting at $56 million.

Jirtchaya Klongjarn – Chester, UK

Winning the lottery is one thing – winning the lottery with a set of numbers picked pretty much at random is another. Whats more, this Chester University student spent only £2 on her winning ticket when she scooped just in excess of £1 million back in 2014. After receiving confirmation of her prize, Jirtchaya became the first woman in Britain to win over a million pounds in a betting shop lottery. She later completed her degree in her Master of Business Studies program and shared the money with her mom who lives in Thailand. How lovely.

Rosa Dominguez – California

If you thought that the entries on this list couldn’t make you feel any more jealous then we suggest that you brace yourself. 19-year-old Rosa Dominguez was driving home from Arizona back in July when she stopped at a gas station and decided to try her luck by buying a few scratchcards. One of the $5 scratch-offs turned out to be a winning ticket worth $555,555 – and it doesn’t stop there. Just days after landing over half a million dollars, the teen bought another ticket at a different gas station and won a further $100,000! So, just to clarify, Rosa won the lottery twice within the space of a week and is now over $600,000 richer for her troubles. Incredible or what?

Callum Fitzpatrick – Northern Ireland, UK

As the youngest winner on this list by some margin, 16-year-old Callum Fitzpatrick became the envy of all of his schoolmates when he won just over £390,000 in the National Lottery back in 2014. Due to the fact that the teen was too young to celebrate with the customary bottle of champagne, he had to make do with orange juice – although we suspect this is a small price to pay for such a large sum of money. After landing 5 out of 6 balls plus the bonus ball, Callum planned to buy a car when he turned 17 and go to watch his beloved soccer team Manchester United at every available opportunity.

Joan Ginther – Texas

This one is technically cheating as Joan Ginther is a former math professor as opposed to a college student but it’s not possible to compile a list of this nature without including the so-called “luckiest woman in the world.” Ms. Ginther has won the lottery a remarkable four times, with three of those from scratchcards which were all bought in the same mini-market in the town of Bishop. Her last win was back in 2008, where she managed to hit a $10 million jackpot. In fact, the combined odds relating to her wins are estimated to be one in eighteen septillion. Like you, we’re not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds like Ms. Ginther is well deserving of her “luckiest woman in the world” tag.

Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain

As long as you take calculated risks and don’t go mad when it comes to buying scratchcards or betting on the many available variants of the lottery, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Of course, the odds of landing a big jackpot are rather slim when it comes down to it but even some of the smaller prizes can equate to life-changing amounts of money. The rest is now down to you.

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