An Instagram Model & Her Friends Were Arrested For “Taking Too Long” In The Bathroom

Three Atlanta women were arrested at a Houston’s in Atlanta for allegedly “taking too long” in the bathroom. The women, identified as Erica Walker, Brittany Lucio, and Asia’h Epperson, were arrested on Sunday, May 13. Epperson is a former American Idol finalist and Lucio is an actress.

The police report says an off-duty officer that was working an extra job as security for Houston’s was there at the time of the incident. The shift manager reportedly asked said officer to escort the three women out of the restroom because they came in to use the facilities after the restaurant had closed at 10 p.m. local time.

Authorities say the three women repeatedly ignored requests by management to leave and assaulted the off-duty officer before being detained. Video shared on Instagram shows the women on the ground with one threatening to call the “real police.”

via 11Alive:

When the officer went into the restroom, he found the three women, identified as Brittany Marie Lucio, Asia’h Sharrell Epperson and Erica Walker, all on their phones. The officer asked them to leave, but was met with no response. The officer asked again for them to leave, and instead, he said the three laughed while looking at their phones and again ignored the request. A third request also went ignored, according to the officer.

At that point, the report says the officer grabbed Lucio by the wrist, saying “Let’s go.” But when they got to the door of the restroom, the officer said the woman pulled away from his grip and shouted “Get your hands off of me!” to which the officer replied, “Ok. Just leave the restaurant.” Again, the officer wrote, the women refused to move. The officer grabbed Lucio’s wrist again and was able to get her outside the restaurant, where she shouted at the officer to “Get your f****** hands off me! You ain’t about to touch me.”

That’s when the officer said Lucio threw a punch at the officer’s mouth and head, one of them landing and causing two lacerations inside the mouth. The officer was able to grab ahold of the woman, and asked for staff to call 911 for backup. At this point, the officer had to restrain both Lucio and Walker down, and that’s when Epperson, a former American Idol finalist and actress on Greenleaf, pulled our her phone and began recording.

Lucio, Walker, and Epperson were all charged with Criminal Trespass and were booked into the Fulton County Jail. Lucio was given an additional charge of Felony Obstruction. Speaking to TMZ, Lucio claimed that race played a role in her treatment.

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