Top 10 Best Promposals You Need To See

Prom is right around the corner for high school class of 2018 and guys (and girls) everywhere are taking a leap of faith to woo their date! Time to get creative and prom-pose! Whether it’s a clever sign, a carefully choreographed dance, or a bold confrontation in public, seniors are doing whatever it takes to punch their ticket to prom. At the risk of inciting nuclear cringe, some folks put it all on the line this spring and earned the highly sought-after respect of the internet. If you’re thinking that making a clever pun is enough to impress your date, think again. Here are the top 10 best prom-posals of 2018 SO FAR:

10. March With Me To Prom?

Not all marching band performances are especially entertaining… This one, on the other hand, knew how to please a crowd. Atta boy, Juan.

9. PROM? On The Jumbotron!

If you didn’t at least crack a smile at this one, you aren’t human. Props to Landry, a special needs student, for asking his “dream girl” to prom.

8. Going The Extra Mile And Finishing Strong

Talk about taking someone’s breath away… After crushing the hurdles at her track meet, this girl gets greeted by her date-to-be waiting for her at the finish line.

7.  I Can See PROM From Here!

This is almost cheating. First, he takes his girl Sarah for a sightseeing tour in an airplane that he’s piloting, then he lands it safely, and finally pops the question on the runway. What a player.

6. Saying ‘NO’ Is A Party Foul

She’s definitely going to have to get better at beer pong before college (also no crowd will ever be that excited to watch you play beer pong again), that’s for sure, but in the meantime, she won’t be riding SOLO to prom.
Watch it till the end though, she makes it eventually!

5. Sheer Bravery

What he may have lacked in vocal talent, he certainly made up for in courage. Kudos to this kid for making yet another marching band performance worth watching! Respect.

4. The Royal Wedding Is Old News…

This is a match made in heaven, they’re perfect for each other. Admit it, your heart skipped a beat too, and it had nothing to do with your arteries.

3. Rahul Is No Fool

Lyrical genius. Here are the official words so you can sing along after your fifth time watching Rahul:
“Oh Cheleste a sad man-child is desperate and horny, if you come with I won’t get lonely, and that is what I need
So, Pleeeease, come to Prom with Rahul (x2)”
Rahul is king of the Jungle.

2. The Answer To This Question Was ‘YES’

I don’t know about you, but I quit HQ after my 20th consecutive loss, good thing these girls stuck with it!

1. Give This Kid Prom King Right Now

Wow. Bruno Mars should take some notes – Calvin killed it. This has to be the smoothest promposal in a while, and just when you don’t think it can get any better, Calvin does this at 1:11…

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