RECAP: 'Westworld' Season 2 Episode 5: Must-See Review S2E5

The fifth episode of HBO’s Westworld in the already action-packed second season airs this Sunday, May 20, 2018. In this episode, the official synopsis sounds like a new story is about to unfold inside the park: ““ショーグン・ワールドへようこそ (Welcome to Shogun World)””
We found out last week that the mystery woman who fought off a tiger is indeed, William’s daughter. This episode should provide more inside into the different worlds within the park and how not all stories have a happy ending.

Westworld Season 2 Episode 5 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M.
Episode: “Akane No Mai”
TV Channel: HBO
Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, Luke Hemsworth

This Is A New World…

Old backstories are catching up to our hosts. While a Samurai themed sector now holds Maeve, Hector, Sizemore, Philip, and a handful of other Delos workers to their section of the park, something about this seems extremely familiar for Maeve. It turns out the story Sizemore wrote for this sector is pretty much identical to Maeve’s life in Sweetwater… but with more violence.
Once freed from their bonds, the parallel versions of themselves come to an amicable resolution. For once, it seems Sizemore’s lazy writing paid off and it’s helping both worlds get along for an impending fight due to the new independent streaks of hosts running rampant throughout the park. Ninja’s are coming!

To Grow, We All Need To Suffer

Bernard watches as the Delos executives pull whatever cognitive data they can retrieve from the heaps of dead hosts brought back to the lab. It seems the backups have all been destroyed and parts of all hosts’ memories have been erased. I’m not pointing fingers… but my money’s on Bernard.
Dolorous and Teddy arrive in Sweetwater. Their plan is to fix the train that carried in the guests and use it to get them and Dolorous’s father out of the park and face their makers. The train’s repairs will be ready by dawn and they have the location of Abernathy. Too bad they aren’t the only ones looking for him. Delos is still hot on his trail since he holds the beacon to locating all the hosts, so it looks like this is going to be a close race.
Dolorous and Teddy make some sweet sweet love down in Sweetwater and she realizes that despite the narratives, the feelings she has for him are real. However, she tells him in this new world she doesn’t believe he’s capable of surviving it. “Where we’re about to go is no place for a good man like you,” she tells him, right before he gets wiped from the system completely.

I Think I’m Finding A New Voice

As a horde of ninja’s attack on the Shogun World, Maeve uses her enhanced programming to have the assassins turn their weapons on themselves. Just when the coast seemed clear, the real army of Shogun rides in. As an all-out samurai war begins, it ends as quickly as it began thanks to Maeve’s upgraded code.
The new group of samurai’s and Maeve’s crew make their way to a safe lake location, they see all the Delos calvary that had been sent are strung up on trees and left for dead. There is no one coming for them, this is one puzzle they need to figure out together if they want to survive.
They stumble across the enemy Shogun camp where they aren’t exactly well received by the big boss… mainly because the old warrior is leaking cortical fluid from his ear like a faucet. The Shogun’s have pretty much all gone insane and even Maeve realizes they’re in some real danger if she can’t reach their programming.
The Shogun World Maeve counterpart, Akane manages to get close enough to the Shogun when he requests the presence of she and her daughter to dance for him. Since he’s gone insane, he kills her daughter, and while Akane dances, she decapitates the Shogun and Maeve is then free to transmit reprogramming to his entire army to kill each other without speaking a word.
Silence is deadly.

This episode was beautifully done, showing the contrast and similarities between worlds within the park. With the first season only focusing on the Wild West, it’s brilliant to see how expansive this park truly is. The scope of it is massive and this season I don’t doubt we’ll have many more narratives to uncover.
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