Let's Revisit Some Of The Best Moments Of NFL's 'Hard Knocks'




The Cleveland Browns have been selected as the subjects for the 2018 season of Hard Knocks. There are going to be a lot of intriguing storylines, like the QB battle between Tyrod Taylor and number one pick Baker Mayfield. The Browns are coming off of a 0-16 season and went through a major roster overhaul this offseason. There will be big personalities, like receivers Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry, along with Mayfield. There will be lots of drama, comedy, and intrigue surrounding the players and coaches, so let’s take a look back at some of the best Hard Knocks moments.

Vontae Davis gets traded from the Dolphins to the Colts


Vontae Davis was one of the best cornerbacks in the league during his time with the Colts. However, he was traded to the Colts during the 2012 preseason from the Miami Dolphins. His reaction was so genuine and so heartbreaking that it couldn’t be left off this list. Reactions like this are precisely what Hard Knocks wants to capture.

William Hayes Believes What??


Aaron Donald is the best defensive lineman on the Rams, and probably the best in the league, but he didn’t win the hearts of football fans like William Hayes did during 2016’s Hard Knocks with the Los Angeles Rams. While taking a tour of a dinosaur exhibit, Hayes told us all that he doesn’t believe that dinosaurs are real, even while looking at real dinosaur bones. Yet, it’s revealed later in the show that he does believe in mermaids.

Rex Ryan Wants A Snack


Rex Ryan was one of the most exciting coaches the NFL had seen in a while. The Jets had Hard Knocks in 2010, and Ryan gave a very emotional speech to his team the night before a game. This is the inside the locker room type view that football fans want to see from the show, and Ryan didn’t disappoint, finishing his speech with one of the most memorable quotes in NFL history.

Chad Ochocinco


Need I say more? Anything coming out of this guy’s mouth is must-see TV. Hard Knocks understood that and during their first season with the Bengals. I would say more, but just listen…

BIG Vince Wilfork Shows It Off


Vince Wilfork only spent two seasons in Houston, but it was a very memorable experience, thanks to Hard Knocks. During their season with the Texans, Wilfork decided to let it all hang loose one day. He decided to come to work wearing just his overalls… nothing else. As scary as that might sound coming from a 325-pound man, it’s still a moment that will live forever.

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