‘Kids See Ghost’ Track List: Kanye West Leaks Song Titles For Kid Cudi Collab

Kanye West took to social media on Tuesday to say that he would be without a phone as he continues to work on his upcoming projects. Then, in a video posted to Twitter shortly after, Ye can be seen sitting behind a keyboard surrounded by a laptop, blank CDs, and whiteboards with chicken scratch all over them. But when you look closer, it looks like Yeezy may be giving us a first look at the tracklists for his upcoming projects which include a solo album, collaboration with Kid Cudi titled “Kids See Ghosts,” and albums he would produce for Nas, Pusha T, and Teyana.
What was written on the boards?
Check out the video and track lists that were spotted on Kanye’s whiteboard below.

‘Kids See Ghost’ Track List — RUMORED

  1. Feel The Love
  2. Kids See Ghosts
  3. 4th Dimension
  4. Ghost Town
  5. Cudi Montage
  6. Divils Watchin
  7. Reborn

Ye Track List

  1. Extact
  2. Wouldn’t Leave

Pusha T Track List

  1. If You Know I Know
  2. Sociopath
  3. Games We Play
  4. Come Back Baby
  5. Infrared
  6. Hard Piano
  7. How Do You Respond
  8. Santaria

Teyana Taylor Track List

  1. Gonna Love It
  2. Hold On
  3. 3 Ways

Nas Track List

  1. Everything
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