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Lady, you’re scaring us!
A woman in Arizona, Jacqueline Ades, was arrested in Arizona after it was discovered she sent 65,000 texts, an average of 500 per day, to a man that she went on one date with. This occurred over the course of 4 and a half months. One second you’re swiping right on Tinder, the next you have a crazy lady threatening to kill you as a way of showing you how much she cares about you. Ain’t love grand folks?
The victim contacted police after seeing Ades in his house on home security camera footage while he was out of the country. When police arrived, they found Ades taking a bath in the house, oh, and with a butcher knife in the passenger seat of her car. Following her arrest, she failed to report for her court date, and she continued to send the victim texts and stalk him. Some of the texts read: “U do whatever u have to do to get here… but don’t ever try to leave me… I’ll kill you,” and “Oh what would I do w ur blood! I’d wanna bathe in it.” Other gems included “I hope you die… you rotten filthy Jew”, I’m like the new Hitler… man was a genius,” and “I’d wear your fascia ‘n the top of your skull ‘n your hands ‘n feet.”
I could be wrong, but I think that’s Shakespeare right?
She was arrested and booked on charges of threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear charges. When being questioned by police, Ades simply said that she loved the victim and didn’t want him to leave her, despite his repeated attempts to show her he wasn’t interested.
To quote the wise George Costanza, “I know less about women, than anyone in the world.” But even I know that sending 500 text messages to a guy that you went on one date with is pushing the boundaries a bit.

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