The Best Mother's Day Gifts on a College Student's Budget

Mother’s Day is around the corner, leaving everyone wondering: A) how the hell is it almost June already? and B) what the hell should I get my Mom? While we may never have any answer to question A (seriously, why do years go by faster as you get older?), question B can likely be solved, even if you are surviving on a minuscule college budget.
So with the interest of your pitiful wallet in mind, here are the best Mother’s Day gifts for those of you who are trying to get by on a measly college student budget.

4.0 GPA


This one is ballsy, but if your Mom is like most Moms, then a 4.0 GPA should be a gift in it of itself. Are you a douchebag for using your grades as a Mother’s Day gift? ABSOLUTELY. But if anyone understands how broke you are, it’s your parents.
Now, this “gift” requires like four to five months of diligent class attendance, homework and studying, but luckily for you, the end of the spring semester more or less lines up with Mother’s Day, so you can parlay your (hopefully) good grades into a timely Mother’s Day gift.
Do we suggest doing this? No, not at all. But given that you just got home from college (where you spent all your money on weed and alcohol) and haven’t had a chance to stack some paper from your summer job, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Cook Her Dinner


If you’re in college, you should (hopefully) know how to cook a decent meal by now. And if you don’t, get a f*cking grip and grow up, man — you’re in your twenties, you should be able to cook at least ONE full-fledged meal by now. Steak, chicken, lasagna, tacos, pork — whatever it is — a woman, Moms included, always enjoy a homecooked meal (as long as it’s good) made with love.
Despite this saying being long-cliched, it remains true nonetheless: it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, and the effort it takes to cook a full course meal should be enough to please any reasonable Mom on Mother’s Day (just DON’t burn it).

Flowers & A Thoughtful Card


As we said earlier, desperate times can call for desperate measures, and getting your Mom the simple flowers/card combo is definitely a desperate — yet tried and true — measure.
Look, we all know the flower/card combo is the most unoriginal and unthoughtful gift imaginable, but for whatever reason, Mothers can’t seem to get enough of them. Maybe its because Mothers are more sentimental than most, but a well-written, thought-out card and some nice flowers always seem to do the trick.
While I happen to believe that flowers and a card should be — for lack of a better term — the cherry on top of the actual Mother’s Day gift, they have the ability to stand on their own if your monetary situation is dire enough.

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