U.S. Coast Guard Seizes Over 1 Ton (2600 Pounds!) Of Marijuana In The Caribbean

Sometimes, while I’m sitting around smoking weed, I think to myself, “I wonder how this weed got here?”. Like, where it was grown and who grew it, who did they sell it to,  where was it shipped, how many levels of drug dealers did it go through before it got to me, etc, etc etc. Thanks to shows like Narcos and Breaking Bad, the average idiot like myself has a relative clue of how drugs get into the hands of Americans. And because of shows like Narcos and Breaking Bad, I know that someone in some South American country just lost a lottttt of money due to the U.S. Coast Guard.
According to the United States Coast Guard, the cutter Resolute stopped two drug-smuggling vessels in the Caribbean Sea back on March 17, seizing 2,600 pounds (!!!) of marijuana on board and detained seven suspects.
Just how much money did these drug dealers lose, you ask? The Coast Guard estimates the value of the seized marijuana to be $2.2 million WHOLESALE (I’m not a math guy, but I know that means like buying ALL of it at once — if you were to price it by the gram, it’d be a lot, lot more).
via Fox:

The Resolute returned from its 71-day deployment 10 days ago. Crewmembers unloaded the marijuana – some of which was disguised in bags labeled “pure Jamaican cane sugar” – this morning.
“By working hand-in-hand with DHS partners and the nation of Jamaica, we were able to efficiently interdict the 2,600 pounds of marijuana seen on the pier today,” Cmdr. Carmen DeGeorge, the Resolute’s commanding officer, said in a press release.
“Today’s offload represents the ongoing commitment of U.S. and international partners to combat transnational criminal networks and promote stability across the Caribbean region.”

No word on where the drugs were coming from or heading to, but we can only imagine there are some very unhappy (and wildly dangerous) buyers and sellers right now.

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