Miami University Students Kicked Out Of Sorority For Singing A 'Lil Dicky' Song

Four students were kicked out of the Alpha chapter of Delta Zeta sorority after they were recorded singing a verse in the song “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown. In the song — which has almost 200 million views on Youtube — Lil Dicky switches bodies with Chris Brown (like in the movie Freaky Friday) and says, “Wonder if I can say the (racial slur)? Wait, can I really say the (racial slur)? What up, my (racial slur)?” The four students have not yet been identified.
Miami University Spokeswoman Claire Wagner applauded the expulsion action of the sorority but said there are no provisions under the school’s student discipline policies that apply to the incident due to constitutional free speech allowance.
The Delta Zeta sorority released a statement on Monday on Facebook, saying they “condemn the discriminatory and hateful language” of the video and that the four women were removed from the sorority.

“We are a diverse and inclusive organization and are appalled about the actions of these former members, as we deeply respect all members of the Greek and campus community. We took immediate action and these individuals are no longer members of Delta Zeta because we do not tolerate any form of discrimination.”

University Spokeswoman Wagner told the Cincinnati Enquirer that “this was insensitive use of language that we all consider off limits and the Delta Zeta leadership took good swift action to handle it.”

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