'Avengers: Infinity War': Which Heroes Are We Going To Lose?

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War finally being upon us, anticipation for the decade-in-the-making movie is at an all-time high.
And given that mass casualties are expected (to a certain extent), we decided to rank the Avengers heroes we know and love that must likely to kick the bucket when Thanos roles into town.


Nick Fury

The man who got it all started back in 2008, Nick Fury (AKA Superhero Samuel L) has been with the Avengers ever since the beginning, as he was the one tasked with getting the team together.
However, given that he’s not a superhero by any stretch of the imagination, Fury is likely candidate to go, as his death would have a massive emotional impact on the audience while having minimal impact on the plot.
That said, while Nick Fury may be mortal, Samuel L. Jackson seems as though he’s going to live forever, so maybe Fury makes it out alive after all.

Someone in the Guardians of the Galaxy

Personally, I think this is a lock, as the only member of the Guardians that are guaranteed to survive are Star-Lord and Baby (Teen?) Groot. Christ Pratt is too much of a money-making asset and Groot is just too adorable to kill.
My money is on Drax or Rocket, as they’re semi-major characters who would be missed … but not missed too much. Maybe even both of them going down together, friends at last? How knows? All I know is that not every single member of the Guardians are going to make it out of Infinity War alive.


Another obvious choice, Loki’s death would certainly complete his villain-turned-hero arc.
Long considered to be the most entertaining villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has been a fixture of both the Avengers and Thor movies up to this point. And every time he has appeared, he has become a little bit more of a hero each and every time.
The trailers seem to indicate that Loki will find himself as Thanos’ prisoner, so a self-sacrifice certainly seems likely.

Captain America

Long-rumored to be *the* major consequence of Infinity War is the death of Steve Rodgers — the heart and soul (and gorgeous face) of the Avengers. We know that Chris Evans can’t play Captain America forever, so now seems as likely a time as any for Marvel to begin to phase him out.
Plus, given how handsome he looks with long hair and a beard, Marvel runs the risk of permanently offending and emasculating their male audience. When I go to the movies, I want an escape from reality, not a reminder of how much better looking Chris Evans is than me.
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