Who Is The 2018 NFL Draft's Alvin Kamara?






It’s no secret that everything in the NFL is a trend. The RPO (run-pass option), the read option, speed on defense, hybrid safeties, you name it. Everything in the NFL came from one team who perfected it and everyone else is trying to copy that. This year, that trend is going to be finding a guy like Alvin Kamara. A mid-round running back who ends up winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. Will they turn out like Kamara? They probably won’t set the NFL record for yards per touch, but that won’t stop NFL teams from drafting these guys to be Kamara.

Ronald Jones


Most teams have a late first or early second round grade on Jones, but he’s much more of a situational back. He is a great pass catcher, and has good speed outside the tackles. Jones didn’t show the strength or durability to be a true number one back at USC, which makes him a good fit in Kamara’s situational type role. In the right offense where he doesn’t have to be a bellcow back, Jones could fill that type of role and make it work pretty well.

Mark Walton


Coming out of Miami, Walton is a solid mid-round prospect at running back. He broke his ankle and missed most of the 2017 campaign, but is still a great prospect. He has great speed to the outside and is much better at running between the tackles than Jones. He is an excellent tackle breaker, just like Kamara. He has the same ability to make one side of his body go limp when he gets hit and then continues his momentum forward. If used the right way, Walton could be a problem for NFL defenses.


Sony Michel


A solid change of pace back, Michel has the ability to make an impact similar to the one he made at Georgia. After running for 1200 yards and 16 touchdowns during his senior season, he showed his top-end talent. Sharing time with Nick Chubb was great for him, as it prepared him for the role he’s probably going to play at the NFL level. Michel has also shown flashes of his pass catching ability, he doesn’t run routes like Kamara does but he can have a similar impact on screenplays.

Royce Freeman


The Oregon product is in a sense the opposite of Ronald Jones. He’s a much bigger back who relies more on his power. He is an excellent change of pace back for a team with a number one back with a lot of outside speed. They would be able to run Freeman between the tackles and change the offensive look similar to what Alvin Kamara did with the Saints.


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