UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals Predictions









Four teams remain in the UEFA Champions League. After a surprising defeat to Roma this past week, Barcelona is out, along with Manchester City. People are looking at Lionel Messi, and Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola after these top two teams were unexpectedly KO’d. A poor performance by the Argentinian forward appeared to throw off the rest of his teammates. Meanwhile, despite the 2-1 loss, Guardiola stands by his club stating that although they lost, they did not fail.

Liverpool vs. Roma


Now Liverpool is going head to head against Roma in the semi-finals while Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are set to duel it out. A Liverpool vs. Roma match hasn’t occurred since March 2002. Regardless of their impressive win over Barca, Roma still needs to worry about their overall shaky defense, especially when it comes to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. It will be a weird encounter for Salah seeing as he joined Liverpool from Roma, so his former teammates are presumably well-acquainted with his skills. The two teams are more or less evenly matched, however, it’s predicted that Liverpool will walk away victorious.

Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich


This is the game to watch. Whoever comes out on top between these two powerhouses will be the favorite to win the league. Bayern and Real have met many times on the field before, so the two are familiar. Robert Lewandowski of Bayern will without a doubt stir the pot in Real’s defensive area, seeing as he’s one of the best strikers in the sport.
Bayern is an excellent team with many high-quality players. Manuel Neuer may even make an appearance in the game after being out for a while due to an injury. That being said, Real is in terrific form right now and has key player Cristiano Ronaldo who scores goals like it’s no biggie. Bayern will undoubtedly put up a fight, but the win will most likely go to Real.

The final is, therefore, looking like it’s going to be Real against Liverpool. Historically, Real is the best team in this cup with 12 previous wins making Liverpool the designated underdogs of the match. The majority would expect Real to win, but hey, no one thought Roma was going to beat Barca and look what happened there.

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