Top Four Player Debuts Of The 2018 NHL Playoffs

The 2018 NHL Playoffs got off to a wild start this week. Some of the most impressive plays and performances have come from the league’s young players, some of whom are playing in their first playoffs.
Here are the top players who made incredible debuts:

Evander Kane

Kane has proved he is in it to win it, with his speed, skill, and athletic ability busting at the seams during the opening game of playoffs week. Being that this is Evander’s first time in the playoffs, after being apart of the NHL for nine seasons. Kane really wanted to make his mark and show how much he earned this. After playing in nearly 600 games with the NHL so far, Evander can finally step on the playoff ice instead of watching it from home.
In Kane’s playoff debut he managed to make his mark on multiple occasions. He had three hits, blocked one shot and won a faceoff! He was on the ice for 18 minutes and scored two goals! Kane’s first goal took place during a power play against the Ducks. His second goal was made as he cut back across the ice after taking the puck from Joe Pavelski. Kane is the reason San Jose is leading the series with a 2-0 lead.

Taylor Hall

This has been a long time coming for Taylor Hall, 529 regular season games to be exact. Hall is the reason the Devils have made it to this post-season playoff spot. During the 2017-2018 regular season, he was a force to be reckoned with. Hall’s season included scoring 39 goals and averaging 93 points in 76 games. In game one of the playoffs against Tampa Bay, Taylor Hall was a hurricane.
At the midway point of game 1, the Devils were trailing behind at 3-0. Hall put a lot of pressure on himself during this game which ultimately led to their 5-2 lose. But it’s still early, with the help of Taylor Hall the Devils will definitely be able to turn this around.

Pierre-Luc Dubois

19-year-old Pierre finally found his drive, during Dubois’ 20th game of the regular season. That’s when Pierre really was able to come full circle as a player and showcase his skills. The Blue Jackets player scored 18 goals during the final 62 games of the regular season. Dubois averaged 44 points overall and played 18 minutes on the ice each night.
During Dubois’s playoff debut he had a primary assist on the Blue Jacket’s second goal of the game. Which tied the game allowing more time for the Blue Jackets to strategize. Dubois had two hits, blocked one shot and nearly played 24 minutes on the ice. This led the game into overtime. Pierre started the final play that helped teammate Artemi Panarin to score the game-winning goal.

Patrik Laine

Zach Parise’s 2-1 Minnesota Wild lead on the Winnipeg Jets, inspired Laine to take immediate action. Patrik grabbed the puck after a drop pass from Paul Stastny. He managed to score one goal against Minnesota goalie Devan Dubnyk. This brought the game back to even ground.
At only 19 years old Laine managed to tie his first playoff game. Patrik may have only scored one goal, but he helped contribute to Joe Morrow’s gaming winning one. Laine is definitely the one to watch during the playoffs with his 44 regular season goals, he’ll definitely be making his mark on the 2018 playoffs.
These four players will definitely be making their mark on the 2018 playoffs. I can’t wait which player helps their team end up on top as part of the final two!

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