Mike Pompeo Net Worth 2019: How Much Is Pompeo Worth

Mike Pompeo is an American businessman turned politician, who biggest claim to fame appears to be his multiple nominations from U.S. President Donald Trump into his administration, including as both CIA Director and later United States Secretary of State. Let’s take a look at his career over the years, starting with his net worth.

Mike Pompeo Net Worth As Of 2019: $500,000

Mike Pompeo’s net worth is expected to be around $500,000. At the time of becoming a nominee for the Trump administration, he was actually considered one of the least wealthy potential members. Let’s take a look at his career over the years, just to see how he came so far in his life.

The Early Years

Pompeo is a native of Orange, California, graduating from Los Amigos High School, moving on to graduate first in his class from the United States Military Academy at West Point, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. For around five years, Pompeo went on to serve in the United States Army as an Armor Branch Cavalry Officer, eventually rising to the rank of Captain, later serving as a United States Cavalry officer who patrolled the Iron Curtain and served in the Gulf War. In 1994, he obtained a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, where he was also worked with Harvard Law Review; upon graduation, he worked as a lawyer for Williams & Connolly.


In 1998, Pompeo moved to Wichita is start his business career, after he and three friends from West Point, took over three local aircraft part makers companies and one in St. Louis, ultimately renaming it Thayer Aerospace; by 2006, he sold his interest in Thayer to Highland Capital Management. Around this time, he also became president of Sentry International.


In 2010, Pompeo was elected to the Kansas Republican primary for the 4th District Congressional seat. He later proved successful in his reelection bid two years later. Pompeo would repeat this trend for the 2014 and 2016 general elections. By late 2016, President-elect Donald Trump announced that he would nominate Pompeo to be the CIA Director, and he was confirmed by the United States Senate at the start of the following year. By 2018, Trump announced his plan to nominate Pompeo as the new United States Secretary of State, effectively taking the place of Rex Tillerson.


Mike Pompeo announced withdrawal from a treaty that has been a centerpiece of superpower arms control since the Cold War.

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