Who Currently Has The Infinity Stones In The MCU?

We have just over two weeks to prepare for the invasion of Thanos. Let’s breakdown where ‘The Mad Titan’ will have his sight’s set based on the location of each Infinity Stone. Clearly, this will have a huge impact on the logistics of his attack and who/where has the greatest chances of making it out alive!
In case you weren’t already terrified, here’s the film’s official synopsis from Marvel:

As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment — the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.


What Are The Stones Again…?

Don’t feel bad if you can’t remember what they all are, here’s a helpful reminder!

  • Space Stone
  • Mind Stone
  • Reality Stone
  • Power Stone
  • Time Stone
  • Soul Stone

Now you’re all set… to have them stolen.

Where Is The Space Stone?

The Black Order (and Loki)


The Space Stone resides in The Tesseract, currently on board the Asgardian refugee ship in the possession of Loki. Loki stole The Tesseract from Odin’s vault at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. From what we’ve seen in the trailer, it doesn’t look like Loki will be having his prized Tesseract back for long.
This makes the Asgard ship a very easy target for Thanos to attack with an extremely large amount of casualties. The only person we know who makes it off the ship alive is Thor… which doesn’t look good for the fate of his people or his adoptive half-brother.

Where Is The Mind Stone?

For now, the Mind Stone is lodged in the forehead of Vision, the catalyst for bringing him to life essentially in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Mind Stone was the tip of the scepter Loki used in the first Avengers film to control the minds of people… hence, Mind Stone.
The dilemma with Thanos grabbing this gem is that it is sort of keeping Vision “alive”. Now, with all the fun new tech we saw in Wakanda, maybe Shuri can come up with some alternative source of power to sustain him once (not IF) the stone get ripped from his head. Poor guy.

Where Is The Reality Stone?

The Reality Stone was the main focus of Thor: The Dark World (aka the worst Thor film). It appeared as an aether that could infuse itself within organisms, so we know it’s immensely powerful and can change properties of matter and bend them to it’s will. Not the kind of thing you wanna toy with, let alone touch. In the after credits scene, we see the Reality Stone being brought to The Collector on Knowhere.
The Collector is far from safe despite how remote his base might be. In a blink-if-you-miss-it moment you can see what looks like a member of The Black Order pinning down The Collector, bloodied and very disheveled, with a clear indication that dude’s about to lose his prized gem. He still technically is the keeper of the Reality Stone for now, so we’ll have to see how this confrontation goes in two weeks. My prediction: not well.


Where Is The Power Stone?

Besides bringing the gang together in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, a key focus was on the orb otherwise known as the Power Stone. The Guardians took down Ronan the Accuser and thanks to Peter Quill’s unique genealogy allowing him to hold the stone without it killing him, the band of misfits decided to do the right thing and give the stone to Nova Prime. This sounds like a safe place to store something called… THE POWER STONE.
The Power Stone is kept in a secure vault on Xandar, home of the Nova Corp, under the watch of their leader, Nova Prime. This pretty much goes without saying… if this planet wasn’t in danger of being destroyed by the Kree a few years ago, it’s definitely toast now. There is no chance Xandar comes out of this film unscathed. No one is protecting the planet or aware of the threat of Thanos which means the Power Stone is basically ripe for the picking!


Where Is The Time Stone?

Uncovered in Doctor Strange, the Time Stone was originally kept under guard in the mystic temple of Kamar-Taj in Nepal being protected by The Ancient One. Long story short, The Ancient One is dead and her top Sorcerer Supreme (Mordo) bailed on the whole ideology after learning his teacher wasn’t as wholesome as she came across. Her name is The Ancient One, how could you not suspect she has some secrets up her kimono sleeves?
After winning some cred’ saving the New York Sanctuary among his Sorcerer pals, Doctor Strange is now wearing the Time Stone, being held as a pendant around his neck. The pendant is known as the Eye of Agamotto to which the Time Stone is bound and it’s wearer can manipulate time and create loops and all sorts of tricks – they are sorcerer’s after all.
It’s also important to note that Doctor Strange is no longer in Nepal, he’s the protector of the New York City Sanctum now… thus drawing Thanos specifically to the Big Apple.
Oh, you’re telling me a necklace isn’t the safest place to keep one of the most powerful singularities in the universe? Shoot.


Where Is The Soul Stone?

Haha, good question. Your move, Marvel!

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