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Ah, siblings, one of the few relationships that you can’t choose. Love them or hate them, they’re in your life, and they can either be the best or most annoying people in your life (most likely a little bit of both.) In honor of our siblings, let’s take a look at some of the facts of National Siblings Day and how it came into being.

What is National Siblings Day?

Well, as the name implies, it is the day where we all take a moment to reflect on the relationship we have with our brothers and/or sisters. We have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so it’s only right that we also take some time to honor our siblings. I say honor in the loosest sense because let’s face it siblings can be crazy infuriating and that stretches into adulthood. If I had a dollar for every time I overheard my sisters fighting with each other when I was growing up, I wouldn’t have to be working right now. I’d be on an island somewhere counting my millions.
The holiday was Claudia Evart, who sought a way to honor her brother and sister, both of whom had tragically died at early ages. The Siblings Day Foundation was incorporated in 1997 and achieved non-profit status by 1999.
It has not been Federally recognized yet like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but the Siblings Day Foundation is working to change that. 49 states have currently issued proclamations declaring it a holiday. As of now, California is the only state that has yet to do so.
Carolyn Maloney, during her time as a United States Representative for New York, officially saluted the holiday in Congress and got it entered into the Congressional Record.

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