MLB Season 2018 Power Rankings: Who Is Off To The Hottest Start?

The 2018 Major League Baseball season just completed its first full week. We now have a large enough sample size to put together a power rankings list. Through the first week-plus of the young season, we have seen some teams with lofty expectations get off to slow starts. Also seen are some unlikely players step up and get off to a hot start.
For these power rankings, I will mostly rely on the actual results of what has occurred. Also, teams expectations and long-term sustainability will play a slight factor as well. I will then take a look at three teams and players who have gotten off to the best starts so far this season.

Power Rankings:

  1. Boston Red Sox (8-1)
  2. Houston Astros (8-2)
  3. LA Angels (7-3)
  4. Chicago Cubs (5-4)
  5. New York Mets (7-1)
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks (7-2)
  7. Washington Nationals (4-5)
  8. Pittsburgh Pirates (7-2)
  9. New York Yankees (5-5)
  10. Minnesota Twins (4-3)
  11. Toronto Blue Jays (6-4)
  12. Milwaukee Brewers (5-5)
  13. Cleveland Indians (4-5)
  14. LA Dodgers (3-6)
  15. Atlanta Braves (6-3)
  16. Colorado Rockies (5-5)
  17. St.Louis Cardinals (4-5)
  18. Texas Rangers (4-7)
  19. Seattle Mariners (4-3)
  20. Baltimore Orioles (4-6)
  21. San Franciso Giants (4-4)
  22. Oakland Athletics (4-7)
  23. Detriot Tigers (4-4)
  24. Philadelphia Phillies (3-5)
  25. Miami Marlins (3-6)
  26. Chicago White Sox (3-5)
  27. Tampa Bay Rays (1-8)
  28. San Diego Padres (2-8)
  29. Kansas City Royals (2-5)
  30. Cincinnati Reds (2-6)

Boston Red Sox (8-1)

The Boston Red Sox have rebounded from an Opening Day let down to rack up eight straight wins. Opening Day for the Red Sox had all but gone perfectly through the first seven innings against the Tampa Bay Rays. Then, the bullpen ruined a one-hit dominate performance from Chris Sale to blow the game. Since that game, the Red Sox have continued their pitching dominance over opposing lineups. David Price has looked the best he has ever had since donning the Red Sox uniform. Chris Sale has been Chris Sale. Rick Porcello has been lights out, and Craig Kimbrel still holds a spot as one of the top 3 closers in the game at the moment. The offense has been nearly as good as the starting pitching. Xander Bogaerts bat has been alive during the Sox quick start leading the team in batting average (.368), home runs (2), and RBI (9). Hanley Ramirez has been clutch supplying two go-ahead extra innings hits. The Red Sox schedule will get a bit tougher this upcoming week with New York and Baltimore, can they keep up the hot start?


Houston Astros (8-2)

The defending World Series champions have not missed a beat from last season. The Astros have quickly jumped out of the gate winning eight of their first ten games. Houston looks poised to go on another deep playoff run. It’s tough to not hand the Astros the number 1 ranking with how impressive they have been. It’s almost a 1A, 1B situation right now with Boston. The hitting has been spread out down the entire lineup. Altuve continues to find ways to consistently get on-base, and Josh Reddick and Carlos Carrera have provided the power numbers. The Astros pitching has been outstanding as well, allowing 2 or fewer runs in six of their ten games.

Los Angeles Angels (7-3)

The L.A. Angels have been the surprise team so far in this young MLB season. They can thank Shohei Ohtani for the unlikely hot start. The highly coveted two-way international player seemed confused and overwhelmed all through spring training. Well, that has completely changed since the regular season started. Ohtani’s play to start the season has the Angels organization saying “I told you so.” Even with Mike Trout off to a slow start by his standards, the Angels look like the team who will provide the best competition to the Astros in the AL West.


Top Players:

Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals): There is no one off to a hotter start than Nationals star Bryce Harper. He is batting .357 with a league-leading six home runs, and 12 RBI. Harper is in a contract season, and I expect his hot hitting to continue all year.
David Price (Boston Red Sox): What has gotten into David Price? This is not the guy of the past two seasons. In his two starts Price has gone seven innings in both and has not allowed a run. This is what Red Sox fans were expecting when he signed the 7-year $217 mil contract in 2015.
Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels): In spring training Ohtani looked like a bust, with some calling for him to start the season in the minors. Through two games as a starting pitcher and 18 at-bats, the two-way player has been anything but a bust. In fact, he looks like an all-star. Ohtani is hitting .389 with three home runs and seven RBI. As a pitcher, he has struck out 18 batters and is off to a 2-0 start.

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