Best Drake Songs: Top 10 Must-Listen Drizzy Tracks

Drake made an appearance at the R&B Group Majid Jordan’s show in Toronto Thursday night, April 5. He came bearing good news: fans should expect a new single Friday night, April 6. “The reason I’m here tonight is because I’m back in the city finishing my album,” Drake told the audience. “I’ve got a new single dropping tomorrow night, too, just in case you got some free time.”
Check out the video of the oh so humble Drizzy teasing his new single.
It’s already been a hot start to 2018 for the rapper, who released a single “God’s Plan” in January that debuted at number one in both US and Canada’s Billboard Hot 100. He dropped a touching and powerful music video for the single in February, and donated his nearly $1 million budget to various people and organizations in need.
While we keep our eyes and ears peeled for the release tonight, prep yourselves with 10 of Drake’s best.

Up All Night

We’ll start with one of my favorite tracks from Drake’s debut studio album, Thank Me Later. “Up All Night” features one of Nicki Minaj’s first collabs with Drizzy over a heavy Lil Wayne-inspired beat. The two put on a rhythmic showcase in a song that was recorded on a bus “somewhere in Lexington.”


It’s Lebron’s favorite from Drake’s impressive collection, and probably yours too. At the very least, you know the first six words from the opening verse…

Marvins Room

“Marvins Room” is from Drake’s second album, Take Care. We listened to it and all collectively said, “Damn. This dude’s relatable.” Getting drunk, calling an ex, and being a little too uninhibited. Sounds about right.

Know Yourself

A lot of Drake’s hit songs are like hit movies. He’s the king of quotable one-liners, and “Know Yourself” embodies that. This song, from his mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, might as well be called “Runnin Through The 6 With My Woes.” Like Pavlov’s dogs, every time I hear this, I uncontrollably holler out the refrain.

One Dance

No one could escape this song in the summer of 2016. Bars, house parties, grocery stores, funeral homes, everyone was bumping it. I think I’m finally ready to give it another listen.

Take Care

In “Take Care”, two of the world’s best musicians compose a touching portrayal about the ups and downs of a relationship. Perhaps they found inspiration in one another?? I feel like these two have a marriage pact and like ten years from now, they’ll get hitched in Vegas.


This song solidified Drake’s legitimacy for a lot of skeptics. It was the second single from Drake’s mixtape, So Far Gone, released way back in February of 2009.


I think the majority of people who listen to music know the words to the first part of half of Drake’s songs. Whether you’re an avid listener or not, he’s got catchy instrumentals and catchy lyrics that implant themselves into your frontal lobe. “Energy” is another jam from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

God’s Plan

It’s his latest success and one of the rapper’s most positive. In the video, Drake gives away $175,000 to Miami residents in need, and in total, he gave away the budget of the production, $996,631.90, to those less fortunate. For his good deed, the song became the 29th in history to debut at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Look What You’ve Done

Ok, clearly I’m partial to Take Care and am a sucker for a heartwrenching tune in general. In my defense, Look What You’ve Done is a nice cap to this list because it’s everything Drake is in his music: brutally honest, nostalgiac as hell, and so lyrically driven. This guy’s pretty damn good at telling a story.
Hopefully, we’ll get another one worth adding to this list tonight.
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