There's At Least One In Your College Classroom

Imagine that pretty girl in your boring Intro to Biology class… Come on, you know the one I’m talking about – Well, the odds are good (and getting better every day) that she might be keeping a very sexy secret: She may be looking for a Sugar Daddy who can help her make ends meet.
According to recently leaked enrollment data, an astonishing number of young college beauties are turning to sites like Secret Benefits, a leading online meeting place for people looking for “mutually beneficial relationships” in which women accept financial assistance and other perks from wealthy men – who in turn get the sheer thrill of dating a sexy college coed.  Hence – it’s mutually beneficial!
How many sugar babies are there? At most colleges the statistics point to… 1 Sugar Baby in every classroom, and 5 in every lecture hall.
While the numbers vary from campus to campus, the number of verified sugar baby profiles often rises above 500 or more per school – with that number exceeding 1,000 at top universities. This means that even in the smallest classroom, there is likely one secret sugar baby, and probably even two or more.
With sugar dating representing a way to break into the world of high society, perhaps it’s not surprising that the bustling big-city girls of NYU top the charts, boasting an incredible 1 out of every 11 female undergrads. The big city is expensive, and 50% of NYU’s full-time undergraduates receive some kind of needs-based financial aid. Even that meager assistance doesn’t go very far, and a large percentage of savvy Manhattan ladies are turning towards sugar daddies to help make up the difference.
That means there are two, possibly three sugar babies in every NYU classroom – and up to 20 in every NYU lecture hall!  As Blue Eyes himself famously crooned, “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. “ Now, a growing group of young ladies are proving they have the drive and the initiative to “make it there” in ways their classmates couldn’t have imagined.
At Temple University, the ratio is even higher.  1 in 13 students there is secretly searching for sugar, and since the class sizes are no larger than 50, there may be up to 4 students in each classroom who are going on sugar dates in between study sessions!
Why do these women enter the “sugar bowl,” as the world of sugar dating is sometimes called?  Well, in addition to the obvious reasons (what financially strapped college student couldn’t use a little easy cash for tuition, or bills?), often such relationships include the benefits of mentorship, connections and career guidance. Sugar Daddies, who tend to be successful in the world of business, are in a position to offer a unique perspective and a level of access that gives these ambitious young women a leg up on their peers.  Considering that 40% of recent college grads are underemployed (even in jobs that don’t require a degree), these upwardly mobile women are getting an edge on the competition. “The connections are the biggest benefit to me,” says Ashley, a film major at UCLA.” My Sugar Daddy gets me into exclusive restaurants and parties I’d never have had access to. Through him, I’m building a network of industry contacts that will benefit me long after I’ve graduated.”
At notorious party school Arizona State University (ASU), the numbers are also high, which will not come as a surprise to anyone who has spent a tequila-soaked weekend there.  A more open-minded student body results in a higher percentage of potential sugar babies. ASU boasts an impressive 1 Sugar Baby in every 14 female undergrads.
Imagine the lecture halls of ASU, in which every row contains one coed who is living a secret sugar lifestyle. Go ahead and try to spot her – if you can.

University Rate
New York University 1 in10
Temple 1 in13
Arizona State 1 in14
Georgia State 1 in15
Kent State 1 in16
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