What Soccer Records Will Never Be Broken?


In the Real Madrid vs. Juventus match on April 3, Cristiano Ronaldo scored what could be described as a perfect goal. After skillfully timing a cross, Ronaldo got serious air and bicycled kicked the ball into the net. Even Juventus supporters stood up to applaud the forward. It was an unbelievable moment in soccer history. He’s not the only one to make soccer history though. Here are some other players who on top of creating a memorable moment, shattered records.

Ledley King: Fastest Premier League Goal

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In December 2000, after kick-off, it took Ledley King of Tottenham Hotspur only 9.9 seconds to score. He had picked up a stray ball from a deflected header and then shot a hopeful ball towards the goal. The ball went past Bradford City’s goalkeeper and then the history books were taken out to add King’s name as the newest addition. In 18 years, his record has yet to be broken.

Lionel Messi: Most Goals In One Season

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It’s no secret that Lionel Messi is a phenomenal player so it is only expected that he would be a record-holder. In his 2011/12 season playing with FC Barcelona, the forward had one of his best seasons to date. Out of 60 appearances, Messi racked up a whopping 73 goals. It will most certainly be a tough act to beat.

Asmir Begović: Longest Goal Scored

In November 2013, less than a minute into the match, Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begović sent a long kick upfield. To everyone’s shock, the ball found its way into the back of Southampton’s net making it the longest goal scored ever. Measuring at 91.9 m, the goal earned Begović a spot in the Guinness World Records.

Rogério Ceni: Most Goals Scored By A Goalkeeper In A Career

Sao Paolo goalkeeper Rogério Ceni was quite the anomaly. An expert at free-kicks and penalties, Ceni accumulated 129 goals over the course of his career. Additionally, he holds the record for the longest career as a player and captain of the same team.

Ronny Heberson: Fastest Shot

In 1996, David Hirst of Sheffield Wednesday clocked in a shot at 114 mph. However, it doesn’t compare to Ronny Heberson’s shot in 2006. The Sporting Lisbon player let loose such a powerful free-kick that it’s difficult to even see the ball in video footage. Luckily no players made the mistake of trying to stop the 131 mph shot.

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