Volcom’s 2018 Ryan Burch Experiment Collection Is A Must-Own

Each year, Volcom partners with some of the best athletes and creative minds in the business to create summer gear that delivers a variety of looks and fits for all different types of guys.
This year, in collaboration with San Diego surfer, sought after board-shaper and self-proclaimed beach bum, Ryan Burch – the Ryan Burch Experiment collection — which became available starting March 4, embodies the creativity and quirkiness that defines his personal style, while offering unique pieces that will fit into any wardrobe.
The common thread throughout the collection is Ryan’s hand-drawn eyeballs, a trademark that he says is representative of the way he learned to shape and design boards –  all by eye. But as a veteran Volcom team rider for over 15 years, he’s seen it all when it comes to standing out in a crowd.
Volcom was nice enough to send me a couple of items from the Ryan Burch Experiment collection & it’s some of the best summer gear I’ve ever owned.
First off are the swim trunks, which are easily the most unique pair of board shorts you or I have ever laid eyes on. For me, summer swag is all about standing out, and these gorgeous yellow shorts with Burch’s signature eye all over them accomplish exactly that. Whenever girls check me out while I’m wearing them, they’ll know I’m looking right back at them.
Next up is the t-shirt, which is the perfect summer tee thanks to its versatility. Want to wear it to the beach? Well, it was designed by a world-renowned surfer, so you know it’s beach ready. Want to wear it while bumming around the house? Sure can, as the delightful fabric makes it easily one of the most comfortable shirts you’ll own. Want to wear it out to the bar? Go for it — Burch’s eye-catching design on this ocean blue shirt is sure to go well with any pair of jeans or shorts.
Lastly is the hoodie, easily my favorite piece in the collection. Made out of the same material as your favorite blanket, the Ryan Burch Experiment hoodie is the perfect thread for those golden hour barbeques or late night beach runs. Trust me when I say, this is literally the most comfortable hoodie I’ve ever owned — it feels like a Snuggie but looks like something the surfer version of Kanye would wear. Win-win.

You can check out the entire Ryan Burch Experiment Collection at the Volcom Store.


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