RECAP: The Magicians Season 3 Finale Must-See Details 'The Castle At The End Of The World’

The Magicians season 3 kicked off with ‘The Tale of the Seven Keys’, an epic quest the group must undertake to restore magic. After the final key was secured from the Fairy Realm in the penultimate episode by High King Margo from the Fairy Queen, along with giving Margo a new eye to replace the one the Fairy Queen stole from her last season, it seemed now all our group of grad students had to do was make it to the castle at the end of the world… a place the gods stored away their creation that, um… didn’t work out as well as humans. At least Julia is god-touched, right? Nothing to worry about there!

The Magicians Season 3 Finale Viewing Details

Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2017
Time: 9:00 P.M.
Season: 3
Episode: “Will You Play With Me?”
TV Channel: Syfy

The Castle At The End Of The World
Nothing like a ride on a floating ship to take on literal gods in a battle to bring magic back! Julia transfers enough of her magical energy to Quentin to cast a spell if things go south, which comes in handy as he uses that to incept a knight who is captive in the castle. Lucky for him, she’s willing to trade the location of a back door to the castle and in exchange, Quentin takes her place and stays behind.
Once inside, Quentin meets the monster… his soon to be new boss, who turns out to be a young boy looking for someone to play with. Before Quentin can hope to win over the young gods affection, Eliot unloads a fatal shot with the god killing bullet they brought along as a last resort. Too bad the creature can jump bodies! Best think your plans through, that’s what got them into this mess to begin with.
Guess what, Alice came with motives of her own! She melted the seven keys by using the magic-giving fairy powder she bartered with The Library for in exchange for destroying the keys, believing that life without magic is better and no one deserved this gift. Enter god-level Julia whose connection to her friends brings her to the castle where she uses every bit of magic she has to reforge the keys. The magic fountain is back on… just not for everyone like they had planned.

Devine Intervention
While the group debates how exactly to go about getting into the castle and bringing magic back, Julia gets a visit from a young god, Iris, who instills in her a new purpose: time to be a full fledged goddess! Clearly she’s made some progress from victim to heroine by using her god given magic for good and enough so to have earned her a spot on the team. This also means she’s off the key quest to go roll with the gods. Get it girl.
Julia’s off with her new mentor Iris learning how to shape worlds, but finding it difficult to lose the bonds between her friends and their wellbeing. She knows she needs to intercede or they’ll fail. Knowing the risk, and the cost, she leaves to join them in the castle at the end of the world to bring magic back.

Tread Lightly, Kids
Off to meet the divine woman who drafted the architectural schematic for the castle, a CEO named Caly, she explains how she worked with the gods to ensure the castle could only be found through a meticulous quest and that gods died ensuring only the worthy could fulfill the task. She showed them the castle is actually juxtaposed from Margo’s castle in Fillory, literally on the other side of that world if you were to flip the map around. However, the creature that is locked inside must never escape once they make it inside the walls. This is stressed so much you can almost feel the thing putting his coat on getting ready to leave.

Deal Or No Deal
The various deals to get magic back on the low, made by The Library, the McAllister Family, Dean Fogg, and Alice come to a head-on collision. The Library and Irene McAllister are hunting fairies in Fillory (since grinding them up and snorting them gives you magic, duh) and to save the lives of her people, the once deplorable Fairy Queen offers her own life, and in exchange no more fairies would succumb to being hunted. They accept her deal, but if we learned anything this season, fairy deals always have an unforeseen cost.
Alice receives a ‘memory wipe potion’ from Dean Fogg, knowing that once she has a taste of magic again by helping The Library, she won’t be able to stop… so she’ll have to stop herself by purging all memory of who she was. She confesses this to Quentin, along with her true feelings, and they share a final kiss before they embark on the castle at the end of the world, both unsure of their fates.
So the magic fountain is flowing again… but there’s literally no time to celebrate. This signals The Library, Irene McAllister, both now teamed up with Dean Fogg, to place a siphon (power source for containing magic) on the fountain so the only stream of magic flows directly to The Library, giving them control of all magic. To top it off, Dean Fogg came bearing more gifts: MEMORY WIPE POTIONS FOR EVERYONE!!! Alice is now a prisoner of The Library for not fulfilling her deal in full, and Quentin, Eliot, Margo, Julia, Kady, Penny, and Josh are all living normal lives as if they had no memory of what happened – because they don’t.

Technically, the quest was a success! Magic is back, only now it’s being rationed out like food stamps based on what The Library deems suitable to give. Side note, that creature they were warned not to let out of the castle, can swap bodies and took up residence in Eliot before they left. With no memory of who they are or even the existence of magic, our heroes are scattered with only one thing connecting them: the creature who is very much alive in a new form ready to hunt them down.
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