Florida Football Coach Dan Mullen Visits The School's Fraternities To Drum Up Support

Florida Gators football has lost its way over the last few years, as they’ve had five different head coaches since 2014. However, this offseason, the Gators brought in Dan Mullen (the former Mississipi State head coach) to right the ship. And if the early impressions are any indication, then Mullen and the University of Florida football team are certainly headed in the right direction.
In an effort to drum up excitement and support for the team’s upcoming spring game scrimmage, the new Gators head coach made visits to the university’s fraternities asking the frat bros for their support. Smart man, that Dan Mullen is, as everyone knows if the fraternity guys show up then everyone else will follow suit.
With a goal of having the student section rocking for the team’s spring game, Mullen definitely started in the right place. If anyone knows how to bring the noise and the hype to an ultimately meaningless event: it’s frat bros.

via Swamp247:

” If we can get all of them to the Spring game, the fraternities, I would imagine — I know me as a college kid, if the sororities were gonna be at the Spring game, I’m there. But no, I just wanted to get around all the different student groups,” Mullen told Swamp247’s Thomas Goldkamp in a recent interview. “As many different student groups, whether it was being at Dance Marathon or there (sorority houses), every different student organization and just letting them know how important the student body is to the success of the football team. They set the tempo of the stadium on game day. They set the atmosphere. The students are what makes it come alive, and I wanna make sure they understand that message.”
“For us to build a championship program, we need the entire Gator nation going in the same direction and great alignment, everybody pushing the same way for us to succeed,” Mullen said. “Whether it be wearing the Gator gear around, flying the flag in front of your house, not just having tickets for the game, but making sure you’re at every game, creating the best home field advantage and the greatest game day environment is all of college football — all of those things will help continue to build the program to championship level.”

The Florida Gators kick off their Orange and Blue spring football game on April 14 at 3:00 p.m. EST.

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