The British Invasion Of The NHL: UK's Liam Kirk Is The Top Hockey Prospect In 2018

Meet Liam Kirk, the 18-year-old hockey prodigy from the United Kingdom. He has just become the first-ever United Kingdom born and trained 2018 NHL draft prospect and looks like he has a bright future ahead of him in the NHL.


Liam was born in Rotherham, England and started skating as early as 2 years old, looks like the NHL could potentially have a child prodigy on their hands. Kirk has said his older brother Johnathon, who started playing hockey at around 5 years old, was his inspiration to start playing himself. Liam has currently been playing hockey for a total of 15 years now. Kirk is on the Elite Ice Hockey League’s Sheffield Steelers as a forward currently.
Liam isn’t currently on the ranking list made by the Central Scouting Bureau, but he’ll still be appearing on the limited viewing list, there’s a rumor that NHL scouts flew all the way across the pond just to watch him play in the UK league.
In the UK, Kirk has managed to train like a true NHL player despite the fact that the UK’s hockey training is considered under-developed compared to other hockey focused countries. Liam is looking to advance into the National Hockey League in America.

Kirk’s Views On The NHL

Kirk was asked if he thought it was possible for himself coming from British League, to make into the NHL. He stated that although it would definitely be more difficult coming from the United Kingdom, due to the lack of focus they have on ice hockey in general. It wouldn’t be an impossible task. Afterall, all you need is one thing that makes you stand out, and you become a national symbol.

Kirk’s Qualifications

Liam has extreme offensive talent, which he displays any chance he can get on the ice. He scored seven goals and 14 points to help Great Britain win a bronze medal in the Divison II World Junior Championship. The scouts will be watching when he plays the Division II- Under-18 World Championship in Estonia this month.
Kirk being from the United Kingdom, in general, makes him a stand out player to the NHL, much like Alexandre Texier who like Kirk is from Europe. Texter who is from France was drafted into the NHL because of his incredible skill as well.

Looking Towards The Future

Liam is looking into what hockey has in store for him in the next coming year. The CHL seems to be his best option so far. Ontario and Western leagues have shown interest in drafting Kirk into the CHL. But he’s not letting that distract him from his current season with the Steelers right now. He’s focusing on the ice in front of him.
Upon being asked about what Kirk could bring to the NHL if he were to get drafted, he was quoted saying this: “Hard work, team spirit, willingness. I would compete to earn my spot.”
Kirk handles himself like a real professional athlete, proving that he has the exact skills and mindset that the NHL is looking for. Liam stated he does have a favorite team but wouldn’t expose it, he just wants to be drafted into the NHL in general. That’s the right attitude to have when coming into a national league.  But before he can set his sights on the NHL, he’ll have to play in the North Amercian league with his peers first. So far one NHL team has been to Sheffield to watch Kirk compete.
As the 2018 draft gets closer, I see a spot for Kirk at any one of the teams currently in the NHL. He could be the next stand out rookie of the 2018-2019 season.

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