Villanova Wildcats 2018 Champs! Memes & Funny Photos

NOVA WINS! NOVA WINS! Charge the streets! Set fire to the world! Better yet… Sit quietly at your computer and chuckle softly at mildly funny photos! Now we’re talkin’.
Villanova started the game not looking like themselves. They were a bit sluggish and missing easy buckets. It didn’t take long for them to get going though, thanks to a scarlet maned sixth man named Donte DiVincenzo. From the bench, DiVencenzo took over the game. By the end of the first half, he already had 18 points. He would finish with 31.
Nova kept the momentum going in the second half and wasted no time in expanding their already comfortable lead. It quickly became a game of threes and Michigan wasn’t able to keep up. Final score: 79-62.

Ay, ay!! Slow down!!! Take it easy my man, it’s all over. You needn’t run anymore you beautiful beast. For tonight you dine with the champs.

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