These Subway Strangers Passing A Joint Will Give You Hope That Humanity Is Worth Saving

When Earth and the species that inhabit it are on the brink of extinction, these are the types of videos that will make the highlight reel of humanity. Just a bunch of strangers, sitting around on a train getting high and sharing a laugh. Black, white, brown — none of that mattered in the moment — all that mattered was they were all heading somewhere, albeit separate ways, but still enjoyed the moment together. So when the nuclear apocalypse is upon us, you can likely find me watching this video as a reminder of what humanity once was.

Now, my first thought was, “But Eric, what if this is a Training Day scenario where that pot just so happens to be laced with PCP. But who has time for that type of negativity? Not me, that’s for sure. So I stuffed that evil initial reaction away & made up my mind: these strangers are smoking weed & weed only and are having the time of their life doing so.

I was mad watching him smoke on the train…but when he passed it and everyone was with the shits, it brought a smile to my face kinda lmfao. 😂😩😂

— KELLY S. 💋 (@Kissedby_k) April 1, 2018

My favorite part of this is the woman because you can tell she does it strictly for the story. When she’s offered a hit, she has this glorious expression of “eh, f*ck it, why not?”:

Most times, New York City subways are the tubular equivalents of hell, but on those rare moments where humanity’s light shines through, they can be glorious.

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